Track's Explosive Tvan Remains One of the Most Equipped and Capable Campers Around

By now, folks have picked up that they do things a bit differently out in Australia. This time around, we'll be exploring a camper like very few others around, the Tvan habitat from Australia's own Track.
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If you haven't heard of Track and the work they can achieve, it is time. In reality, this RV manufacturer has been hard at work since 1985, meaning it's been on the market longer than I've been alive. Well, nearly 40 years later, here we are, looking at one of the machines they offer for the year 2023. That alone should stand as a testament to the work they can achieve since they are still alive and kicking.

Yet there are reasons why this crew has managed to become a staple of Australian off-grid life. One of those is their ability to create an RV that can keep you clean, comfortable, and alive in a land where almost everything is deadly, and I'm not talking about critters either; the weather out there is just as unforgiving. To give you an idea about Australia and the harsh environments you can encounter out there, if your RV can survive these lands, it can perform just about anywhere in the world.

Now, the 2023 lineup doesn't look much different from the other Tvan models we've seen through the years. That's because it can already be considered damn near perfect, even having won the title of "Off-Road Camper of the Year" on three separate occasions. Nonetheless, Track did do something different with the fresh lineup and includes "more standard equipment than ever before!" But, this all depends on the model you choose.

This means that each camper is ready to handle any off-roading ideas you may have by being equipped with a hot-dipped galvanized chassis with a military-grade suspension system; check out the videos below to see what that means. Fully articulated hitch, e-brakes and hand brake, and checker plates protect the aluminum sandwich panel that makes up the shell. Oh, and just we're on the same page here; the features I'm naming are standard.

Tvan MK5 Travel Trailer
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Since Track is a crew that's well aware of the off-griding human, expect to find quite the loaded camper in terms of electrical systems. You'll be receiving a 120-watt solar panel with regulators, DC-DC charger, battery management panel, AGM battery, and wired for every socket you can imagine. You can always go a step further and grab some optional gear; just bring an extra buck or two.

Depending on the model you finally select for your adventures, your Tvan will include either the premium or classic galley setup and an array of awnings and extensions to turn this little bugger into one explosive and earth-shattering adventure playground. But rather than me pointing out all the remaining features you'll have access to, I want to invite you on a little trip through imagination.

You've arrived at your campgrounds, and in under five minutes, you, your spouse, and your children are sitting down, getting ready to enjoy an outdoor meal. With a large countertop, slide-out fridge, and burners, you get to work doing the things your mother may have taught you; three-course meals, anyone?

Tvan MK5 Travel Trailer
Photo: Track
With food ready, you see that a storm is coming in, and instead of enjoying your meal outside, you head into any one of the annexes set up; it was but light rain, and now the air is fresh and ready to have you exploring the nearby areas. You could easily explore the land with an e-bike or a kayak on the lake if you've added things like a roof rack and bicycle carrier. It's your life and your money, do as you please.

At the end of the day, that's not even the tip of the iceberg because Track does things like most other RV manufacturers and will unfurl a massive list of options and extras you could possibly want and use, including generators and more powerful solar panels.

As for pricing, it all depends on the trim you select and the options included, but expect your experience to start off at around $45,000 (€42,500 at current exchange rates) for the most basic unit. Sure, it may seem like a bit more than we're used to seeing for a travel trailer, but I'm sure you've understood why.

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Editor's note: The image gallery features an array of images with different interiors, options, and trim for the Tvan units.

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