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2022 Tag Series Campers Aren't Just Affordable, They're Ready To Handle All Your Needs
Tis the season to start hitting your visual cortex with mobile habitats that could be your next off-grid home during adventures. Well, this piece will be a sort of two-for-one deal, as we'll be getting to know the Tag and Tag XL campers from nuCamp.

2022 Tag Series Campers Aren't Just Affordable, They're Ready To Handle All Your Needs

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If the name nuCamp sounds familiar, it's because we've featured an array of their works before. But no matter which camper or RV this crew bangs out, they aim to offer folks an off-grid experience not to be forgotten anytime soon. Ever since 2004, this crew out of Sugarcreek, Ohio, has been hard at work creating an array of RVs and managed to stay alive in an industry seemingly dominated by teams like Winnebago and Airstream; they're doing something right.

To see what they can offer your camping lifestyle, I've decided to bring to light the Tag series of campers, the standard Tag, and Tag XL. Why bring them to light? Well, it seems to be one of this crew's flagships and is sure to showcase all that nuCamp is about, creating a camper that can have it all. 

Now, before I go any further, there's something I need to point out about nuCamp: they're born in the center of U.S. Amish country, and this heritage is reflected in the work they achieve. Sure, composites and alloys are used in the construction of the Tags, but the cabinetry and woodwork are all infused with Ohio-Amish craftsmanship.

That craftsmanship results in a camper with a dry weight of 1,269 pounds (576 kilograms) for the standard Tag, while the XL has another 100 pounds (45 kilograms) added to the mix. The reason? The XL is wider and roomier than the standard model. This widening of the body reveals a sleeping space that's 70 inches (178 centimeters) long by 78 inches (198 centimeters) wide, as opposed to the 58-inch (147-centimeter) width of the standard Tag. But both models feature a GAWR of 2,200 pounds (998 kilograms) and just 8 gallons (36 liters) of water.

As you explore these two models, you'll also notice that nuCamp has an excellent idea of what makes a capable camper. The interior of each model features the bedding I mentioned and includes countless storage options for gear, clothing, and books, one of which is under-bed storage. But if reading isn't your thing, a stargazer window is there to help inspire your dreams. AC and heating are standard too.

As you're out there in the wild, the last thing you'll want to be doing is hanging out indoors. So to keep you outside as much as possible, owners will find a fully stocked galley, cooker, fridge, and all, and the exterior of each Tag can be decked out a bit further, too. Because there are features like a roof rack and exposed drawbar, you're granted the ability to bring along some kayaks, add a bike rack, or equip your Tag with a fishing pole stand. If you need any more than that, do let nuCamp know, and they should do their best to hand you your dream camper. Speaking of optimizing, nuCamp also offers a Boondock build option that takes your Tag and equips it with off-road capabilities.

Speaking of dreams, I had a look over nuCamp's Facebook page, and there I saw a little story about just how far these little buggers can go. One couple has logged over 30,000 miles (48,280 kilometers) in their Tag since the day they got it. Not to mention that they live out of it full time. Sure, that lifestyle is sure to ask for things like a portable shower and toilet, but there's room for that. Starting to get the idea? Oh, and as a little side note: as I was checking out nuCamp's Facebook page, I noticed they're currently raffling off a special edition Tag camper, for a good cause of course. This means you stand a chance to win it for $50 (the price of one raffle ticket).

At the end of the day, the price you'll pay for one of these babies will depend on who your dealer is and what sort of features may be strapped to the camper. But, some dealerships are reported to be selling an XL for around $22,000 (€20,917 at current exchange rates). Sounds like an RV to add to your list of vehicles to consider.

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The image gallery features images of the standard 2022 Tag, the 2022 Tag XL, and the Tag camper being raflled. The latter is a unit from a preceding model year.


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