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Trans-Continental Dominates Camping for Pennies on the Dollar: Raw Adventures Unlocked
Let's face it, not all campers are equal, and frankly, that's a great thing. Come to think of it, not even lovers of the outdoors are equal, and with that in mind, let's take a journey into a lifestyle meant for those that like life raw and handle it with nothing more than a knife and some flint.

Trans-Continental Dominates Camping for Pennies on the Dollar: Raw Adventures Unlocked

Trans-Continental Camper With Bike RackTrans-Continental CamperTrans-Continental CamperTrans-Continental CamperTrans-Continental CamperTrans-Continental CamperTrans-Continental CamperTrans-Continental Camper (Unfolded)Trans-Continental Camper With AwningTrans-Continental Campe (Annex)Trans-Continental CamperTrans-Continental CamperTrans-Continental CamperTrans-Continental Camper
Folks, this is the Trans-Continental. It's simply a camper trailer that puts a large or little emphasis – depending on how you view things – on the true outdoor life, using nothing more than tent canvas to shield you from occasional rouge storms and wandering bears. Yes, this one may require you to bring along some bear mace.

Before I go on about how this AT camper can shift your lifestyle perspective, let me tell you about the crew behind the magic, none other than Kamparoo Campers; have you ever heard of these folks? Judging by a quick Google search, very few people have, but that doesn't make their work any less worthwhile. This Canadian crew initially saw its beginnings in 1999 by importing fold-over campers from Aussieland. Later, they took things into their own hands and have grown to be a "Recognized Trailer Manufacturer."

Back to the Trans, you probably picked up that this is an AT camper, and these types of habitats typically cost a tad more than your average road-worthy habitat. Without trying to sound like an infomercial, not the Trans-Continental. This puppy cruises in with a starting price of just $10,900. Although, it's not clear if that's in Canadian Dollars or American. I feel it's safe to say that this price is in Canadian bones. But that means...! Yes, a camper for a tad under $8,000 American. That leaves you with the cash you need for that bear mace I mentioned and even some solar gear.

Now, for this price, you're still supposed to be receiving an AT habitat, so let's see if it has the goods you need to venture through some mud pits, rock gardens, and fields of green. To dominate the mentioned scenarios, Kamparoo builds each Trans with a reinforced frame and chassis, a heavy-duty drawbar, shock absorbers, and heavy-duty springs too. Sounds pretty good for a bag of pennies.

Then it's on to other features that the Trans has to offer. But to get a feel for what things may be like, I invite you to imagine that you just bought one of these babies, have crossed those marshlands, and are now parking it under some tree line by the edge of some lake. You'll be able to unload your boat and gear from the roof, take your e-bike down from its rack, and unfold your living space. Tada, happy camping. Sure, you'll need to extend and arrange your interior, but that's it. From here, the rest is in your hands as the interior of each unit doesn't include much except a mattress, linoleum flooring, and access to zippers; I told you this one is for folks who like things raw.

At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters in a camper isn't its price or capabilities. It's how you and your family feel while exploring the greater outdoors. Come to think of it this puppy can also teach future generations how to appreciate the simple things in life. It's up to you what you do with it; I'm just the messenger.

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Images in the gallery showcase an array of custom Trans-Continental campers and features.


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