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Trail Head Off-Road Camper Demolishes the Notion of Bigger Is Better: Accessible Glamping
Let's face it, not everyone wants or even needs some massive RV filled with unheard-of luxuries; some people like their life raw. For those that associate with the latter description, we have campers like the Trail Head, a teardrop-like off-road habitat that proves that bigger isn't always better.

Trail Head Off-Road Camper Demolishes the Notion of Bigger Is Better: Accessible Glamping

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Folks, there are downsides to owning massive and expensive RVs with all the comforts of home, higher costs, and an inability to actually explore every corner of this globe. Simply put, bigger isn't always better, and with that in mind, I invite you to pretend you own a Trail Head camper like the one you see in the gallery.

What's your life going to be like? Well, that's what I'm here for; to show you all that you can achieve with a habitat that will only cost you as low as $16,000 (€16,600 at current exchange rates), depending on how deep your dealer's pockets may be and the features present in your future model. Nonetheless, there are a few essentials that all Trail Head units offer, and that's what I'll be focusing on today.

Aside from the clearly able design, one of the strong points of this trailer is that it's built to be taken off the tarmac and pulled along through fields, dirt roads, mud, riverbeds, and anything else you can think of. It may not be the best at romping through rock gardens as the suspension is a simple "spring-over-axle" and offers just 22 inches (56 centimeters) of ground clearance. It's unclear if the manufacturer takes it upon themselves to add custom suspensions, but you're always free to ask. Radial tires, steel fenders, and a few other off-road knick-knacks are in place too.

Once you're done adding a shell built with aluminum skin, insulated walls and ceiling, plywood flooring, and a complete underbelly, you're looking at your completed Trail Head off-road camper. Guess how much it weighs. Right out of the proverbial box, you're looking at a weight of 1,050 pounds (476 kilograms). Damn shame; just outside your Camry's abilities, so bust out the SUV or truck for this one. When you think about it, you should have no business traveling off-road in a Camry anyway.

After you and your loved one(s) make it out of the woods and into that heavenly clearing your last RV couldn't reach, you stabilize your unit and unfurl all that is the Trail Head. You'll take out your camping gear from the front, under, or rear storage options. But, try and keep your equipment away from the rear as this space is mainly designed the way it is to accommodate the things you'll need to set up a kitchen.

Also, at the rear, your freshwater tank will be housed, and with a few more bucks, you can add a shower with on-demand hot water, propane heater, spare tire carrier, and above all - literally - the rooftop tent, which, might I add, extends this camper's guest capacity to five. Speaking of sleeping, it's mainly all that these sorts of habitats are good for, so the interior isn't very lavish; just a mattress, some storage cabinets and such, and whatever options you add.

But who's behind this magic? Well, none other than Three Feathers Manufacturing. Does this name sound familiar to you? If it does, it's no wonder; the company owner, Mel Sandland, has been active in this industry for more than 40 years, and that knowledge seems to be responsible for the off-road-capable Trail Head.

Nonetheless, it's the sort of camper, RV, travel trailer, call it what you will, that allows you to explore hidden corners of this globe more than machines two, even three times this price. I'm not saying there aren't any downsides, there are, but if you just want to start exploring and don't have a ton of cash, the Trail Head is one option to consider.

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Images in the gallery display an array of custom Trail Head units.


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