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Cheap and Thrilling Outdoor Adventures Have a New Name: "Space" Utility Trailers Do It All
As I was searching the world for mobile habitats and travel trailers, I ended up locking eyes with a utility trailer that can achieve a whole lot more than just carry your gear from campsite to campsite; it can also act as a quick mobile getaway.

Cheap and Thrilling Outdoor Adventures Have a New Name: "Space" Utility Trailers Do It All

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Folks, Space Trailers is a crew born back in 2009 out of a passion for helping people grab hold of all the outdoor life has to offer. However, Space also knows that to land its products into as many hands as possible. They must be built in an exceptional fashion, achieve what competitors can't, and do it all for a price that will wink at you and make your spouse jealous of how you look at it.

And so, Space presents us with nothing more than just two units, but, as the saying goes, if you want to do something right, pour all your time and energy into just one thing, and that's precisely what this crew has done. In focusing all their attention on just one product style, the manufacturer can optimize every aspect of functionality.

Now, two units are available to future owners, the HighRider ST (Space Trailer) and LowRider ST, and both start off priced at $4,400 (€4,600 at current exchange rates). That's all you need to start planning your extended weekend adventures. But, what are we buying? That's precisely what we'll be exploring today, and I urge you to make it through the next few minutes of text because you may very well ditch the idea that you need an expensive camper and replace it with an ST.

As standard, each ST is nothing more than a cargo trailer. An aluminum frame sits under a raised HDPE canopy and offers a bed space of 7x4 feet (2.1x1.2 meters) with the tailgate. Best of all, some parts of the trailer offer over 30 inches (76 centimeters) of vertical space, so no coolers will be laid on their side. If you need to, the canopy can be removed entirely, allowing for much taller goods and even some smaller vehicles.

However, let's say you have plans to take the ST and transform it into a ruggedly simple camper. What then? Well, this is where you may need to dish out some extra bones because the load bars you see on some units are extra. However, I would dish out the bucks because you'd then be able to throw on a rooftop tent and live out your extended weekends like never before.

With a tent and your gear in place, it still seems like something is missing. Frankly, I'm not sure what else you could think of binging along, but as I explored what Space has to offer, I realized that a bike rack can also be added to this bugger. Did I mention kayaks too? Talk about cheap adventures.

Sure, you won't have a bathroom or shower where to pamper and care for yourself as though you were at home, but then again, this trailer isn't the kind meant for adventurers that fear breaking a nail. This one is for folks like myself, the ones that like living raw, with only the bare essentials, and frankly, an outdoor shower and portable toilet can be brought along in an ST. Oh, and if it's off-season, or you don't need to use this trinket, you can even store it vertically to take up as little space as possible in your garage.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the only thing standing between you and an adventurous lifestyle is nothing more than the level of dirt that you can handle. But if you like mobile living with the bare necessities, and pushing your creativity to new bounds, then Space Trailers are one option you can consider to easily and quickly get into the glamping game.

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Images in the gallery showcase an array of custom LowRider and HighRider Space Trailers.


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