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This Is the Low-Drag Zenvo TSR-GT, All Three to Ever Be Made Already Spoken For

Being a player in niche automotive segments has its ups and downs. The ups would be you get to make vehicles others only dream of, and almost always find owners for them. The downs include the constant risk of going out of business and the fact you could look a bit ridiculous when trying to phrase things like a mainstream carmaker.
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Zenvo TSR-GTZenvo TSR-GTZenvo TSR-GTZenvo TSR-GT
That’s exactly what Danish sports car manufacturer Zenvo seems to have done this week, when it announced the “1,360 bhp ‘low-drag’ variant of Zenvo TSR model range sells out before official launch.” The way this phrase is constructed can make one believe the low-drag variant of Zenvo TSR, called TSR-GT, will be made in decent enough numbers for the world's roads, and that entire quantity was already sold.

Truth is though only three of them will ever see daylight (all three sold before actually getting here, for undisclosed prices), so there will be no large numbers. The car will, however, make a dent in the industry thanks to its specs.

The thing uses a revised Zenvo TS Power Pack, which brings the power levels of the standard 5.8-liter twin-supercharged flat-plane V8 engine in the TSR-S up from 1,177 bhp to 1,360 bhp. The changes made also allow the car to reach a limited top speed of 424 kph (263 mph), it too an increase from the lower 325 kph (202 mph) of the S.

Because this thing is designated as low-drag, some other changes compared to the S are implied, especially when it comes to downforce and high-speed stability. As such, the Zenvo TSR-GT features a new, longer rear spoiler, and aero wheel disc covers in a new design.

The interior is different as well, as it no longer comes in bare carbon fiber, but this time we get leather on the dashboard, seats, and steering wheel.

The Zenvo TSR-GT is the last car the company will be making using the TS platform. A new vehicle, built from the ground up with new tech, is scheduled to be unveiled in the third quarter of next year.

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