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Arid Riyadh Desert Plays Host to Two Dutch Zenvo TSR-S Psyco-Supercars
The Danish hypercar manufacturer Zenvo first came to most people's attention when Jeremy Clarkson hooned their flagship ST1 around the Top Gear test track. To put it bluntly, it's a miracle the car made it back to Denmark in one piece (the damn thing caught fire!).

Arid Riyadh Desert Plays Host to Two Dutch Zenvo TSR-S Psyco-Supercars

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Now, Zenvo has another party trick that dazzles audiences with its gracious movements as much as it does for its monster of an engine. That would, of course, be active aero.

You wouldn't think carmakers from a country with such a mild climate would have much interest in taking their new halo car to the barren deserts of Saudi Arabia. An invitation to the exclusive Riyadh Car Show in the eponymously named capital of the country fits the ticket for one reason to book a plane ticket.

The new TSR-S is more than worthy of holding its head high in competition with the biggest names in supercars. For a country in such proximity to supercar havens like Italy, Germany, and the UK, Zenvo's proved worthy enough to see them mentioned in the same breath as Ferrari, Porsche, or Mclaren.

This isn't just because of the patented active centripetal rear wing, but for the sheer impressiveness of its driving stats. Zero to 60 takes place in a measly 2.8 seconds, and you'll be flying past 125 mph in under seven seconds. The top speed is electronically limited to just over 200 mph from the factory. Perhaps that's for the best, considering how powerful this thing is.

Jetting 1,177 bhp, from a 5.8-liter twin-supercharged flat-plane V8 engine, the TSR-S has stats and figures that were once reserved for the fastest and most exclusive cars from multi-billion dollar conglomerates like the Bugatti Veyron and Chiron. Considering Zenvo has around two-dozen full-time employees, including HR, sales, and dealerships, that's not bad at all.

"It is an exceptional opportunity for the company to be able to showcase our work at one of the most talked-about events this year," said Angela Hartman, CEO of Zenvo Automotive. "The Riyadh Car Show is already a highly anticipated automotive show that everyone has on their calendars, and thank the House of Saud for extending their invitation to Zenvo to participate. We are looking forward to welcoming both our customers and visitors of the show to our stand to see the TRS-S, as well as discuss future plans for the brand as we head into a new year."

We can only assume the fabulously wealthy patrons of the Ryadh Car Show will be lining up to buy the two examples of this Danish psych mobile. The active rear wing is cool enough to entrance even the most jaded non-car-enthusiast that ever had light enter their eyeballs.

The TSR-S has a body forged entirely out of carbon fiber, a technology that was once reserved for the automakers with the most moolah to burn as well. In 2021, the material is available to whichever automaker has skilled enough craftsman to construct it.

It's clear the Zenvo did a fantastic job in this regard, and the pearlescent Ishvid Perlemor (white) hue and bright Baltisk Blå (blue) doesn't give much indication the car's body shell is any less ordinary than any other aluminum-bodied supercar.

Instead, you're left to marvel at how the paint shines in a way only top-of-the-line paint jobs ever do. This isn't a man in a shed bodge job operation that occasionally builds a car that catches fire for a fat, balding middle-aged Englishman to poke fun at on the Internet and on TV.

The even spanning November 18th to the 28th of this year will give event-goers plenty of time to savor over it before cutting that nice, fat check.

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