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Tesla Enhances the Music Experience With Dolby Atmos, Coming to Over 1 Million Cars

Tesla is preparing the usual holiday update, enhanced with new features and easter eggs like it always has. Apart from Apple Music support, Tesla will also bring Dolby Atmos to over one million cars on the road.
Tesla enhances the music experience with Dolby Atmos 6 photos
Tesla enhances the music experience with Dolby AtmosTesla enhances the music experience with Dolby AtmosTesla enhances the music experience with Dolby AtmosTesla will finally add Apple Music to its carsTesla will finally add Apple Music to its cars
It looks like surround audio, once the darling of car manufacturers, is becoming obsolete. The world demands a more audiophile experience inside cars, especially as the quiet cabin of electric vehicles allows for a better listening experience. More carmakers started working with Dolby Laboratories, to enhance the music experience onboard their cars, a trend that began with Lucid Air last year. The latest to join the fray was Volvo, with the EX90, and Mercedes-Benz, with its EQ models, along with the S-Class.

Tesla is also jumping on the bandwagon, making good use of its over-the-air update framework, which allows it to bring new features even to old vehicles in its fleet. According to a BGR source, the upcoming holiday update that Tesla traditionally offers at the end of the year will bring a considerable upgrade to the sound systems in its new and existing vehicles. Tesla has been intensively working with major record labels to bring Dolby Atmos to Tesla cars, with over one million vehicles expected to support the sound processing standard.

If you own an AV receiver at home, you probably know what Dolby Atmos is. It’s a surround sound format that uses height channels to interpret sounds like 3D objects. Thus, the sound is not only moving left to right and front to rear, but also gains a height dimension. The format is highly popular in movie and home theaters, but has only recently made strides in the automotive sector.

Previously, we discovered that Tesla is also preparing Apple Music integration for its vehicle fleet. Apple developed its proprietary Spatial Audio format, but we have no information whether this would come to Tesla cars as well or if it works with Dolby Atmos. I guess we will have to wait for the eagerly awaited holiday update to find out.


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