This Batmobile Replica Might Turn You Into a Joker or Riddler Fan, It's a One-Off

Batmobile replica in Germany 10 photos
Photo: Seller on eBay
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Remember when you were a kid and watched Batman? Did you ever make a promise to yourself as a kid to get a Batmobile when you get older? You did, and it is clear that you broke that promise, as there are not that many Batmobiles on the streets. Well, there are people who built replicas, and this one has been an ongoing project for over a decade.
We are referring to a vehicle that is described as a Batmobile simply to put a little context to the style of its flamboyant modifications. As its maker describes it, it is more like a "Bat-Car," than a Batmobile.

The vehicle in itself received this conversion many years ago, and we first wrote about it in 2009, when it was in a less flamboyant form. Since then, it received a width extension of its front axle, twin tires on its rear axle, and foldable rear wings.

We should also mention the front blades, as well as the turbine exhaust, as Batman-inspired elements. They do not work like they did in the movie, but it is better that they don't, right? Right? Okay.

The body has been cut up and welded back together to enable a shorter cockpit, while the trunk has a mini “bat bike” on it. Meanwhile, the front has numerous elements that make it as distant as possible from its original donor vehicle, which is a 1984 Ford Granada V6. Since nobody has done this gag yet, we are going to call it a BatFord Granada. I'll see myself out.

As its current owner explains, the vehicle is ready to drive, but it does not have a TUV approval, which is essential to allow driving it on public roads in Germany, where it is currently located.

For obvious reasons, the vehicle is not eligible to get that approval without significant modifications, and we are being generous here. At this level of modification, it is not clear if any country in the world would allow such a vehicle to drive on public roads, but the seller does have its original documents and will provide them with the vehicle.

Regardless, the seller has presented it with a starting price of EUR 20,000 (ca. $22,172) on eBay, but no bidders have emerged yet. It's as if they do not want to sell it and just placed an ad to showcase what they have done to it over the years. If the latter was the case, congratulations, you won this round!
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