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This 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback Is a Mach 1 Wannabe, Still Inviting

The Mach 1 is a legend, there’s no doubt about it, as it managed to impress from its very first year on the market.
1969 Ford Mustang 9 photos
1969 Ford Mustang1969 Ford Mustang1969 Ford Mustang1969 Ford Mustang1969 Ford Mustang1969 Ford Mustang1969 Ford Mustang1969 Ford Mustang
Born in 1969, Mach 1 turned the Mustang GT into a pile of metal that almost nobody wanted, with sales of this particular model dropping to approximately 5,400 units.

On the other hand, the Mach 1 sold no more, no less than nearly 72,500 cars in 1969, and this prompted Ford to ditch the GT version after this model year.

The Mustang that someone has recently listed on eBay catches many people’s attention because it poses as a Mach 1, and at some level, it’s even priced like one.

However, eBay seller chingon-hd has shared exactly the information a potential buyer needs: the data on the door plate, which confirms this is just a Mach 1 wannabe.

All 1969 Mach 1 models come with code 63C as the body style on the door plate, whereas this Mustang shows 63B. In other words, it was born as a fastback with a luxury interior and bucket seats. The paint has also been changed at some point during its life, as the eye-catching red you see in the pics isn’t the finish that was sprayed in the factory.

The door plate information reveals it was dressed in Champagne Gold, so someone who owned this Mustang changed it to red.

Otherwise, this 1969 fastback looks pretty inviting, with the interior apparently requiring more work. Under the hood, the car comes with a 351 (5.7-liter) Cleveland, though we have no clue if it starts or not. The transmission, however, needs to be rebuilt.

As said earlier, this Mustang comes with a rather hefty price tag, as the owner hopes to get no less than $33,500 for it. Unsurprisingly, nobody has entered the bidding wars so far, and with 3 days remaining until the auction comes to an end, you shouldn’t be too surprised if nothing changes in this regard.

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