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The Koenigsegg One:1 Was Built For Drifting

No, of course Christian von Koenigsegg didn't place drifting at the top of his priorities when coming up with the One:1. Instead, the title above is actually meant to indicate the massive gap separating this toy from another Angelholm machine that can't really slide it, namely the Regera.
 Koenigsegg One:1 drifting 5 photos
Koenigsegg One:1 donutsKoenigsegg One:1 donutsKoenigsegg One:1 donutsKoenigsegg One:1 donuts
Then again, as owner and racing driver Carina Lima has recently demonstrated, pulling delicious slip angles in the one-hp-per-kilo hypercar is no problem.

During a trip to Scotland, the Angola-born Koenigsegg collector (heck, she owns three of them, having sold the fourth) found a bit of space in a parking lot and decided that she must join the rain, since beating the weather was clearly not an option.

The result, which you'll be able to notice in the first Instagram post below, was a series of delicious donuts.

Keep in mind that the baking machine is a piece whose price sat at $2.8 million back in 2015 when it was new, while an used example reportedly traded hands for as much as $7 million last month. For the record, there are only six other cars like this in the world.

Oh, and this is the first One:1 the Swedes built: using chassis number #106, the 1,360 hp monster, this very example set a 0 to 186 mph sprint before other Eggs took over this department.

Speaking of while, while it was also Carina who proved the Regera wasn't built for drifting, keep in mind that the hybrid recently set a new world record for production car, completing the 0-249-0 mph (0-400-0) kph jog in just 31.49 seconds (two years ago, Juan Pablo Montoya attempted a similar feat in a Chiron, with the result sitting at 41.96 seconds).

So while the transmissionless nature of the Regera gets in the way of drifting, it certainly works wonders in terms of acceleration. After all, we're talking about the Angelholm automotive producer's Grand Tourer here.

PS: Yes, it was a coo-coo trip.


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