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The Koenigsegg Regera Wasn't Built For Drifting

These days, Koenigsegg isn't just about maximum velocity and face-ripping acceleration, as machines like the One:1 and the Jesko would have you believe. For one thing, the Swedes also build the Regera, an 1,500 horsepower hybrid that was intended as a Grand Tourer. But what if you attempt to go drifting in the gas-electric monster? Well, Portuguese racing driver Carina Lima recently set out to answer the question above.
Koenigsegg Regera drifting 5 photos
Koenigsegg Regera driftingKoenigsegg Regera driftingKoenigsegg Regera driftingKoenigsegg Regera drifting
The aficionado, who spends quite a lot of time over in Monaco, was recently invited to the mother ship in Angelholm to put the Regera through its paces.

The invitation didn't come as a surprise, since Carina recently took delivery of a blue Regera (not this car, though), which made for her fourth Egg, albeit with only three such hypercar currently residing in her garage.

And the result can be seen in the social media clip at the bottom of the page. In a bit of a spoiler, I have to mention that the Reg doesn't so much drift, but it does a hell of a job when it comes to turning its fat rear tires into clouds of smoke.

Then again, this is only normal, since the hybrid doesn't have a gearbox, so there's no direct connection between its twin-turbo V8 and the rear wheels.

Instead, the engine sends its power to three electric motors. One of these is linked to the front of the crankshaft and acts as a starter and generator, charging the 9.27 kWh lithium-polymer battery pack housed in a tunnel at the center of the car.

As for the other two e-motors, which allow the overall output to climb to 1,500 ponies and 1,475 lb-ft (2,000 Nm), these feed the rear axle (one for each wheel). The setup also includes a hydraulic coupling, which disconnects the V8 and the generator/motor at low speeds.

And if you're wondering how that works when you're putting the Regera to work in a stragiht line, here's Christian von Koenigsegg demonstrating it. Or perhaps you'd rather see the hybrid drag racing an Agera X.

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This is what happens if you invite me to drive your car... 🤪 ... by the way, it was a bit hard to have the Regera to obey me on this... but at the end it was ok but as they say on the video “I guess she’s going to need new tires!!!” Definitely it was needed 🤤 . Regera is a very impressing car to drive, to speed with, to feel the HP combination with luxury and comfort that only this one in the Koenigsegg family can provide... it’s true that when u get in the car, the first impression is weird as u feel u don’t have any control about the engine of the car, but after sometime driving, u understand that u still have a lot of control on the car by the way u drive it and, u will creat a unique communication between u and the Regera, and this was obvious for me when I started to try to drift with it... it was really hard but I think we got the connection finally.... 🧐🧐💙. SOUND ON 🔛🔊🔊 . Happy Friday 😜 . . . . . #carinalima #carinalimaracing #carinalima_racing #koenigsegg #regera #hypercars #drift

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