Koenigsegg Jesko Longtail Rendered, Has No Wing

We'll get to the Koenigsegg Jesko in a few moments. But first, let's take some time to discuss the race to 300 mph. Ah, the stunning world of production car land speed records... this is the real that recently saw Bugatti not smashing Koenigsegg's top speed record, despite the fact that the Agera RS proved it can hit 277.9 mph, while the Chiron Super Sport 300+ styed true to its name and hit 304.8 mph.
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So, why didn't Molsheim put its name in the Guinness Book of World Records? To answer that, we have to talk about the rules of such an accolade, which involve that a machine must achieve a certain speed in two directions. This makes perfect sense, as it's a reasonable method of accounting for any potential effects of head/tailwind. And the French automaker simply didn't cover both runs.

Of course, this only leads to a new question - why? The official explanation has to do with the configuration of the VW Group's Ehra-Lessien track where the 1,600 hp Bug was unleashed.

It seems that all the speeding that has taken place over the years has caused the road surface to develop some sort of a thread in the clockwise direction used during the repeated runs. And driving against that at monumental speed would cause an extra heat buildup in the tires, which can obviously be a hazard.

Now, Bugatti has announced its withdrawal from the world of velocity records following the said run, which means the record still stays with the said Agera.

Sure enough, the Swedish automaker won't stop here. In fact, when Koenigsegg introduced its latest jewel, the 1,600 hp Jesko, at March's Geneva Motor Show, the Angelholm automaker announced the show car stands for the high downforce version, while also promising a higher-speed incarnation.

With the "standard" Jesko being busy touring the world (the process isn't without its challenges), we still have some waiting to do before the 300 mph model arrives.

And now that Bugatti has reached into the 3xx arena, the upcoming Egg might just want to one-up the Chiron Super Sport.

Will Koenigsegg be the first to set a 300+ mph world record or will another player, namely American developer Hennessey Performance, get there before the Swedes (think: Venom F5)?

Well, until we get to find out, here's a rendering portrays a Jesko Longtail (the elongated posterior means extra high-speed stability, which is why the Bug also turned to a similar stunt). Of course, that massive rear wing of the monster is no longer present, but who's complaining?

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