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Tesla Model S Raven Drag Races Lamborghini Huracan, Winner Takes It All

Reportedly named after Raven Darkholme – a.k.a. Mystique – from the X-Men franchise, the most performance-oriented powertrain from Tesla is pretty intense on the blacktop. So much so that a Huracan can’t launch as hard and keep up with the Model S over 440 yards at full throttle.
Lambo vs Tesla Raven S! TWO Races! 11 photos
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First time out, the Italian supercar in the following video posted a quarter-mile pass of 10.9 seconds. Against the electric powerhouse from Fremont, the Raging Bull ran 10.975 and 10.840 seconds at 126.55 and 127.81 mph (203 and 205 kph). Care to guess how the Tesla fared at the strip?

Obviously enough, internal combustion couldn’t hold a candle to electricity on this occasion. The Huracan may feature a mid-engine layout, a screamin’ V10, and a fast-shifting DCT connected to an all-wheel-drive system, but torque favors the electric motors of the Model S. If they had raced over a longer distance, then yes, the Lamborghini would have been victorious.

As for the time slips, the all-electric contender ran 10.759 and 10.745 seconds at 123.51 and 123.35 mph (199 and also 199 kph). Both passes were made in Ludicrous mode, not Ludicrous Plus, and without the Cheetah Stance mode.

Why, you ask?

According to Tesla Plaid Channel, the more aggressive setting “uses three to five times more battery per run.” Cheetah Stance also happens to be extremely hard to set up because “it only holds for a few seconds during which the light may not have turned green.” And finally, the battery pre-heating process takes too much time.

After two runs in Ludicrous mode, the charge level of the 100-kWh battery dropped from 85 to 80 percent. An average of 2.5 percent per quarter-mile run isn’t bad at all, don't you think?

Next year, the Plaid powertrain will enter production in Fremont with 4680 battery cells and three motors instead of two for the Raven. The numbers you’re looking for are under 9 seconds for the quarter-mile and 60 miles per hour (97 kph) in less than 2 seconds.


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