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Tesla Supercharger Stations Will Soon Handle 350 kW

Tesla is riding high and hopes to keep that momentum until the end of the year by delivering 500,000 vehicles worldwide. Aside from the financial results and ambitious outlooks announced at the Q3 2020 earnings call, Tesla let it slip that 350-kW charging technology is also in the offing.
Tesla confirming 350 kW charging stations 10 photos
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“We realized that the 350-kilowatt or so that we might be looking for cars is not going to be enough for the Semi.” Those are the words of Jerome Guillen, president of the automotive division at Tesla. “So we're looking for something much more powerful than that [for the Semi Megacharger],” and that’s probably all I can say at this point.”

Reading between the lines, Jerome suggests that V4 Supercharger stations are under consideration, which is pretty interesting given that V3 stations were introduced in the United States one year ago. Alternatively, Tesla may be actually looking into upgrading the V3 Supercharger to 350 kW. To whom it may concern, the current version is capable of outputs of up to 250 kW or 75 miles of driving range in five minutes.

Remember the Tesla Battery Day presentation with Elon Musk taking the stage? At one point when he was talking about the Cybertruck, the head honcho clearly stated “more than 250 kW.” The tri-motor powertrain is expected with a battery pack with a capacity of 200 kWh or thereabouts, explaining the urgency for ultra-fast charging.

The Semi and Cybertruck are expected to use 4680 cells, the all-new tabless design that Tesla is going to utilize in the Model S Plaid and European Model Y from 2021 onwards. These cells are designed to handle high-rate charging in the long term, and the tabless design has less resistance than the 2170 cells produced at the Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada.

On an ending note, did you know that Tesla operates approximately 2,200 stations and 19,450 connectors? No fewer than 146 new stations and 1,337 new connectors were added in the last quarter.


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