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Tesla Model Y Proves Heat Pump Superiority Over Model 3 During Cold Weather

The electric compact crossover utility vehicle (CUV) counterpart of the Tesla Model 3 was presented last spring and about one year later (the same month of March) it started first deliveries. Thus, unlike its sedan sibling, it hasn’t been through any of the character-building harsh winters North America is capable of showcasing. That’s certainly about to change, so let’s say hello to real-world user cold testing.
Tesla Model Y vs Model 3 cold weather efficiency 25 photos
Tesla Model YTesla Model YTesla Model YTesla Model Y
Tesla, just like any other automaker, has its own cold weather testing facilities. For the California-based EV company, Alaska does the trick, so every single vehicle in its lineup has run the gauntlet in terms of freezing temperatures and abundant snow.

But there’s one party trick up the Model Y’s sleeve – the fact that it’s the first and only Tesla EV packing a standard heat pump. Even the flagship Model S and X lack one, not just the Model 3. So, it was only natural to assume that a Model Y would be capable of retaining a higher efficiency in frigid weather.

With so many EV detractors, though, fans of such models have taken the habit of not taking anything for granted, which is exactly what’s going on with Twitter user KK Tesla Model Y and his thread. And it’s not just an ordinary thread debating the pros and cons of owning a Tesla, because he started it with the specific desire to discuss “Tesla from a vehicle statistics/data standpoint.”

Best of all, he has the advantage of living in Calgary, Alberta – and Canada is well known for getting those nasty temperatures quicker than its U.S. neighbor. Put simply, his Tesla enthusiast-type tests might put to rest the debate if Model Y’s heat pump is better than any other Tesla’s resistive heating systems.

The straight answer is yes, it does perform better than a Model 3. We have to note that he currently owns a Model Y Long Range Dual Motor AWD, and he previously drove a Model 3, so he’s not comparing apples and oranges. It’s only marginal, true, but it’s also better than nothing.


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