Tesla Model 86 Rocket Bunny Looks Like a Confused Widebody EV

The Tesla Model 3 could be considered the best or most important car of the last decade. Yet it doesn't come with a Japanese widebody kit. Don't you think that's a little unfair?
Tesla Model 86 Rocket Bunny Looks Like a Confused Widebody EV 2 photos
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The M4 was widebody kits, as does the Supra and the GT-R. There are quite a few Model 3 accessory packs out there, but most of them are limited to skirts and spoilers that bolt onto the existing bodywork. Even though the Tesla sedan is every bit a performance car, it hasn't been allowed to show off.

This interesting rendering tries to fix this by mixing in elements from the world of Japanese tuning. More specifically takes inspiration from the earliest version of the 86/BRZ from the Rocket Bunny lineup. Unless we're mistaken, the car was still called a Scion when this came out.

While the bolt-on fenders are attention-grabbing, we also like what's going on with the bumper. Rocket Bunny kits have these perforations that remind you of every amateur drift car ever. Also, a large wing has emerged from the back of the EV because you can never have too much downforce.

And, of course, bigger fenders are only needed to accommodate extra-wide tires. Is that race car camber we're seeing in the suspension?

If you guys think this is crazy, artist Jon Pumfrey has also swapped an old Nissan Skyline GT-R face onto the same Tesla. The result is another interesting mix of cultures. Sadly, Teslas are probably never going to receive such hardcore changes.

But that doesn't mean we have zero tuning projects. Check out the RevoZport package for the 3er, as well as the widebody look from iMP Performance. Furthermore, Startech recently unveiled an interesting kit with a Porsche-like appearance for the front bumper. Tell us which one you think is the best in the comments section.

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