Slammed Tesla Model 3 With No Lights Looks Clean

For such a popular car, the Model 3 sedan feels like it hasn't reached its full potential, at least from a tuning perspective. Most of the body kits have been as subtle as a white tattoo, and Tesla's over-the-air updates make engine mods look silly.
Slammed Tesla Model 3 With No Lights Looks Clean 4 photos
Photo: Brad Builds
Slammed Tesla Model 3 With No Lights Looks CleanSlammed Tesla Model 3 With No Lights Looks CleanSlammed Tesla Model 3 With No Lights Looks Clean
But people with a bank balance too low to buy one are curious about what can be done, and graphics design artist Brad Builds seems to be among them because he just posted this crazy-looking Model 3 with no eyes.

The sedan is now one sleek piece of metal. You can barely tell where the hood meets the bumper and the fenders, at least in this image, which doesn't reflect Tesla's build quality. It kind of reminds us of an alien creature, the kind that hunts on sound and smell alone because it lives on a planet with very little light.

Can you imagine how automobiles would have to be constructed if the species that invented them couldn't see? Of course, there are lots of cars where the headlights aren't there. Many types of race cars are like that, as well as classic models with pop-ups. Wow, we just realized that we'd love the Model 3 more if it had pop-up headlights.

Of course, this isn't the first time Brad has rendered a Tesla, but he always has these JDM-style wheels and subtle widebody look. It's pretty hard to give it a new style since it's such an iconic shape. After what they've done with Huracan, let's hope Liberty Walk is willing to give it a try.

In any case, there's not much to do with the powertrain here. Making about 450 horsepower, the performance version of the cheapest Tesla can play in roughly the same league as the BMW M3. It can beat it in a drag race and sometimes even drifting.

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