Tesla Model 3s Heading to Germany Look like Lambs to the Slaughterhouse

It's common practice for car companies to take the competition's models and dismantle them in the merciless way possible. Despite what it might look like, it's not a weird anger management technique, but rather a process that allows them to get to know their rivals a bit better.
Tesla Model 3 bound for Germany 5 photos
Photo: Elektromobilität Sachsen
Tesla Model 3 bound for GermanyTesla Model 3 bound for GermanyTesla Model 3 bound for GermanyTesla Model 3 bound for Germany
Whenever there's a more advanced product, we can begin talking about "reverse engineering," a method that takes things apart in order to uncover how they were made. After the Second World War, Japan did this with electronics from the U.S. and Europe, and we all know who sold the most TVs and HiFis a few years later, so it actually works.

Nothing keeps a company from buying another manufacturer's product off the shelf, just like any other regular customer would, finding its secrets and using them to improve its own (as long as they're not patent-protected, of course). Which is why so many of them are doing it.

In the automotive world, there are even deals between brands that send their new products to rival companies on their own, with the favor returned whenever possible. Tesla, however, does not have such understandings, so any carmaker looking to procure a Model 3 at this point would have to get creative.

When the first of Tesla's latest sedan showed up on Craigslist for huge sums of money, we said the first likey customers willing to pay that much might be other car companies looking to get their hands on one as early as possible. There's no confirmation of anything like that happening, but these pictures showing two Model 3s strapped inside an air freighter on its way to Germany have just shown up on Facebook.

They were posted on a group called Elektromobilität Sachsen from where they were picked up by Electrek. The number of German parties who would be interested in dissecting the Model 3 is very high, with almost every major manufacturer involved in launching at least one electric model over the coming years. The stickers reference to Leipzig (which, even though far away from Bavaria, is an important BMW hub) and Stuttgart, which is home to both Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. Could this be a double delivery to the two most famous German car brands? Whatever the case, these particular Model 3s don't look too cheerful about it, and knowing what's around the corner for them, that's the correct attitude.
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