Stark Varg Innovates the Electric Dirtbike Industry, Claims To Be the Fastest in the World

As electrification trends are on the rise worldwide, numerous EVs are popping up. The electric dirt bike is one type of EV that might be a game changer. Folks, today I'm looking at one such model, the Stark Varg.
Stark Varg electric motocross bike 10 photos
Photo: Stark Future
Stark Varg electric motocross bikeStark Varg electric motocross bikeStark Varg electric motocross bikeStark Varg electric motocross bikeStark Varg electric motocross bikeStark Varg electric motocross bikeStark Varg electric motocross bikeStark Varg electric motocross bikeStark Varg electric motocross bike
"Why would I choose an all-electric dirt bike over a traditional one?" you might ask. Well, several reasons come to mind. First, they require low maintenance, so less time is spent cleaning and fixing your bike. Second, they're far more economical than petrol-powered bikes. Third, they don't release smoke or emissions, so they're much more environmentally friendly and make less noise. On the other hand, electric dirt bikes tend to be more costly, but at least you know it'll probably be a wise investment.

Stark Future is a Swedish company headquartered in Viladecáns, Catalonia, Spain. Its mission is to lead the way toward a sustainable motorcycle industry by reducing plastic and CO2 pollution, focusing on performance, emotion, and design.

Currently, the Varg is the company's first serial production model and the only EV they have on offer, and it claims to be the fastest motocross bike in the world. Its name means "strong wolf" in Swedish.

Stark Varg electric motocross bike
Photo: Stark Future
The Varg's body is engineered to provide the best handling and control, and it also features an aesthetically pleasing and clean design with optimized ergonomics. Stark Future says the bike has the world's lightest motocross frame, and its total weight is only 110 kg (242 lbs.). Its aluminum subframe uses straight tubular pipes and forged connections to blend low weight, strength, and resistance perfectly.

The dirt bike is powered by the most potent power-to-weight motor of any production motocross bike, delivering 30% more power than a traditional 450cc combustion bike. The 360 V carbon fiber sleeve motor outputs 80 HP (60 kW), with 9 HP per kg (6.7 kW per 2.2 lbs.), and spins at up to 14,200 RPM. The 275 Nm (203 ft-lbs.) torque on the countershaft and the whopping 938 Nm (692 ft-lbs.) torque on the rear wheel are surely enough to deal with challenging terrains.

Of course, the motor requires plenty of juice to provide such remarkable performances. That's where the 6 kWh battery pack comes into action. It's housed in a patent-pending honeycomb magnesium structure that's IP69K waterproof-rated. It supposedly has enough capacity to match a full tank of gas on a 450cc bike and will offer up to 6 hours of light trail riding or will last for a full heat at MXGP intensity. Charging will take about 1-2 hours, depending on the charger and outlet.

Let's see what makes the Varg off-road capable – Stark equipped the beast with an adjustable Kayaba suspension with 310 mm of travel (both at the front and rear), MXGP World Championship-winning Pirelli Scorpion MX32 tires, and Brembo hydraulic brakes. Moreover, the company challenges the industry by using the world's lightest footpegs, even lighter than the ones used in racing. They are crafted from special stainless steel with 40% higher yield strength than Chromoly steel or titanium.

Stark Varg electric motocross bike
Photo: Stark Future
Another nice touch for the Varg is the floating dual compound skid plate – the innovative element saves weight, shields the battery, and even drastically reduces the impact on the rider's ankles, as the incorporated low-density foam has high impact absorption.

Of course, like most new EVs, the Stark Varg comes with its own Android and iOS app. But it isn't your ordinary app; you can find the battery and riding info like on most, but here's the exciting bit – you can build more than 100 different ride modes on it, and you can activate up to five simultaneously. The app lets you adjust the power curve, engine braking, traction control, and the virtual flywheel effect. Want to make the Varg ride like a 125cc 2-stroke? Or perhaps a 250cc 4-stroke would suit you better? You can essentially customize your ride however you want.

All in all, it's clear that Stark Future has heavily invested in the Varg, and they want to present its product as top-of-the-line. With such groundbreaking performances, patent-pending technologies, and state-of-the-art materials, it's hard to find a more capable vehicle. However, all this comes at a hefty price of $12,900 (€13,244). It's up to you to decide if it's worth it. Stark's website can provide a detailed description of the bike and its parts.

Reservation costs start at 100$ (€103), and the estimated delivery for new orders is late March 2024.
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