Stargazer Concept Lets You Witness the Night Sky From Inside a Massive Mobile Telescope

Let's be honest, the majority of concepts that we see in this life never go one to become a reality. Nonetheless, some are so out there that we just have to bring them to your attention. Such is the case with the Zodiac.
Zodiac Stargazer 7 photos
Zodiac StargazerZodiac StargazerZodiac StargazerZodiac StargazerZodiac StargazerZodiac Stargazer
Folks, the vehicle we'll be exploring today is a bit different than what we're typically used to seeing. Sure, it's a car, has four wheels, is electric, and can carry passengers to and from destinations. However, that's about where all similarities to real vehicles end because the Zodiac features an innate ability to take you up close and personal to the night sky.

If you haven't checked out the gallery, let me put things this way: the Zodiac goes by another name, the Stargazer. Why? Simply because that massive central structure is a gigantic telescope in which two people can fit and explore the night sky like never before.

How did something like this come about? Well, it seems to be a project from the mind of Hyunsik Moon, a design student whose work we've featured before here on autoevolution. Set in the year 2050, Moon simply takes to his last name and explores the idea of a vehicle that is all about the night sky.

Now, to get a clear idea of what exactly is going on here, let's take a short journey through our imagination and see just what we can ride in 2050, assuming we all make it that far and that this idea is bought out by some Russian oligarch.

Zodiac Stargazer
Let's hop right into the Stargazer without further ado and see what it's all about. Hang on a minute; how the heck are we supposed to access the interior? Well, believe it or not, there is no traditional door you'll use to climb inside. The only point of access that Moon has integrated into the design is at the front of the massive scope; the lens opens as though the entrance to a submarine, and you just climb inside and head to the back where two seats lie in wait.

All settled? Good. From here, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. Looking closer at Moon's designs, I notice that there are no driver controls inside the Stargazer, leading me to believe that the entire vehicle is designed to be autonomous.

Once inside this bugger and traveling the local salt flats for the best glare-free view, the Stargazer suddenly comes to a halt. What now? You may receive a vocal message informing you of the constellations and/or planets you'll be viewing this evening, and without warning, the entire lens, with you in it, tilts into position to show you the stars like never before. I think it's pretty neat if you ask me.

Zodiac Stargazer
So what's the real wonder behind this machine? Just imagine a business somewhere in this world that offers tours of the night sky. Think about it, pay $50 or so per person, and broaden your horizons like never before. Sure, this can be achieved today with nothing more than a telescope mounted in your truck's bed, but this is the future we're talking about, and things must be different somehow.

At the end of the day, this machine may never come to life, but it doesn't take away from the fact that it inspired me to grab my telescope, hop in my car, drive outside of the city, and see something else for a few hours. You've no idea how refreshed I felt after that experience. Try it for yourself. Inspiring work is an excellent way to describe Moon's imagination.

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