Triad of Planets Will Shine Bright Before Tomorrow's Sunrise, It's a Must Watch

Mars, Saturn, and Venus are soon forming a triad that’ll bless the night sky right before sunrise. The planets are easily observable with a telescope or even a pair of binoculars. If you think catching this astronomical event before the sunrise might not be feasible for you, then don’t be worried: it will keep happening until the end of March! Here’s what you should keep in mind.
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Photo: Jayling - Ohio Skywatching on YouTube
Saturn, Mars, and Venus TriadSaturn, Mars, and Venus TriadSaturn, Mars, and Venus TriadSaturnVenus
This year’s not known for providing us with interesting celestial events. Still, there are a couple of things happening that might take your mind off what’s currently going on in the world. One of these events is already starting to unfold, and it will last until the beginning of April. Mars, Saturn, and Venus will appear bigger than normal in the night sky, and, as a rare bonus, the celestial bodies will seem like they’re closer to each other than ever before.

The planets will be visible in the south-eastern quadrant of the sky, so make sure you’re in an area that’s not affected by light pollution. Bring with you a pair of good binoculars or a small telescope and enjoy a rare gathering.

As NASA’s Solar System Exploration puts it, your best chance to see - with little effort - how our neighbors from space look like is to do it before the 27th or 28th of March. The moon will be joining the night sky, and its powerful reflection of the Sun might tamper with what you’ll be able to witness.

If you’re into astrology, then keep in mind this event is regarded as sporadic conjunction that favors those born during this period. It’s predicted these people will champion their goals with almost guaranteed success.

But this is not all! There’s more good news: if you have to work or the weather in your area is not cooperating, or you’re just not ready to pull an all-nighter to witness this gorgeous triad, then rejoice! Saturn and Mars will keep the show going for at least two nights between the 3rd and the 5th of April.

Even if you’re not a fan of what the night sky might bring, make sure to at least enjoy a moment of solitude and silence in this current global climate. You deserve a break. We all do!
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Editor's note: Gallery shows images of Mars, Saturn, and Venus that are not to scale. Saturn’s rings can’t be seen without a telescope.

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