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Insane Flying Hotel Concept Envisions the Future of Nuclear-Powered Luxury

Over the course of history, mankind has always dreamt of seemingly-impossible means of transportation. Some of the things that were considered unattainable centuries ago are present, in some way, in today’s society. This flying hotel concept, called Sky Cruise, is bold even for today’s technology. But it could someday be seen as the original sketch of a futuristic hotel with wings.
Sky Cruise is a stunning concept redesigned by Hashem Al-Ghaili 7 photos
Sky Cruise Flying Hotel ConceptSky Cruise Flying Hotel ConceptSky Cruise Flying Hotel ConceptSky Cruise Flying Hotel ConceptSky Cruise Flying Hotel ConceptSky Cruise Flying Hotel Concept
Hashem Al-Ghaili is a very talented video producer and science communicator from Yemen, who became popular due to his stunning visuals centered around spectacular subjects. One of his most recent videos has gathered millions of views on the artist’s Facebook page, and it’s not surprising – the Sky Cruise concept is definitely one that makes the imagination run wild. Hashem did not come up with the original concept, but he redesigned it and illustrated it.

“Futuristic” is a word too simple to describe this outrageous aircraft/luxury resort. It’s supposed to be a giant hotel, large enough for 5,000 people, which would always stay in the sky, powered by nuclear reactors. Starting from the aircraft’s tail, Sky Cruise features an unusual circular-shaped element that is supposed to be a hall, similar to an observation lounge, where guests can take in the uninterrupted views. The hall is connected to the main deck through elevators.

Stepping onto this deck, guests would find all the familiar features of a luxury resort, from swimming pools and gyms to shopping centers, cinemas, restaurants and bars. This massive flying hotel would also be emissions-free, equipped with 20 motors powered by nuclear energy only.

One of the benefits of nuclear power, used by some of the latest military submarines for example, is that it never runs out. This way, the flying hotel could allegedly stay above the clouds for years, without having to refuel in any way. All the supplies that are needed would be delivered via electric jets that could travel anywhere in the world and then return to the giant hotel.

To top it all off, this massive aircraft with thousands of people on board would have no pilot to control it, just Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to the most advanced AI-controlled avionics, this thing could be entirely autonomous.

Whether or not the Sky Cruise concept is even remotely feasible is up to anyone watching Hashem’s video illustration. Even if it’s too far away from reality, people will never stop dreaming about bolder and bigger vehicles of any kind.

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