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Sail From Alaska to Monaco on This Military-Inspired Luxury Explorer Superyacht

Befriend the wild creatures of snow-covered lands, or enjoy the latest luxurious experiences that Cote d’Azur has to offer – it’s your call. This majestic explorer yacht can take you almost anywhere in the world. And don’t be fooled by its aggressive silhouette – once inside, you will discover the same sophisticated, ultra-comfortable accommodation that is part of all superyachts’ DNA.
The Barracuda Explorer is resilient enough for far-away expeditions, and luxurious enough for a lavish experience 7 photos
Barracuda ExplorerBarracuda ExplorerBarracuda ExplorerNautilus ExplorerNautilus ExplorerNautilus Explorer
When we think of superyachts, most of the times we imagine these lavish vessels just resting in some amazing secluded spot, while people on board are soaking up the sun and sipping cocktails. But a lot of these lucky owners are actually looking for more adventure and are even curious about what is out there, in less traveled places.

Exploring and luxury yacht sailing don’t seem to mix, at first glance, yet this is a niche market that continues to grow. Explorer or expedition yachts have to main characteristics – they need to be able to reach some of the most remote areas in the world, meaning that they can travel long distances without having to refuel or stop in a port, and they need to be powerful enough to withstand harsher conditions.

Combining the build of an explorer with the luxurious features of a superyacht is a form of art, and well-known naval architecture brand Turquoise Yachts has mastered it. A 242.7 feet (74 meters) yacht, the Barracuda Explorer is inspired by military ships, with a more aggressive exterior geared towards functionality. With a powerful engine and 17 knots speed, it can effortlessly sail from one part of the world to another.

While on this exploring journey, the owner and 14 guests will still indulge in the pleasures of a large pool, spa facilities, beach club and sky lounge. Glass floor sections connect all the decks, for a remarkable aesthetic effect, and the circular staircase leads to a cinema. Besides the owner’s suite and VIP cabin, the owner’s deck also hosts a generous saloon, with inside/outside dining options, and plenty of room for all-guest parties, on the way to some remote part of the world.

Like all superyachts, the Barracuda also couldn’t do without a large garage, with enough space for a 315 feet (9.6 meters) luxury tender, a rescue tender and several jet skis – for a perfect mix of adventure and fun.


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