Rockwood Roo Hybrid Campers Demonstrate What It Means To Be Versatile Travel Trailers

"What the heck is a 'hybrid' trailer?" "Honestly, it's a little hard to explain; it's like an amalgam of camper traits, allowing you to access whatever you need or want when you want or need it. You understand?" "Sorry, no." "Here, read this little article I found on the Rockwood Roo. It should give you a perfect idea of what to expect."
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Rockwood RooRockwood Roo InteriorRockwood Roo InteriorRockwood Roo BathroomRockwood Roo InteriorRockwood Roo InteriorRockwood Roo BathroomRockwood Roo InteriorRockwood Roo InteriorRockwood RooRockwood Roo
Folks, the two characters above are simply discussing what a hybrid travel trailer may be and what it can do for traveling families and lovers of the outdoors. So, to help you understand a bit more about this class of campers, I decided to bring to light a lineup from one of America's loved camper manufacturers, Forest River. It's here that I ran across their Rockwood Roo brand campers, a lineup of mobile habitats that seem to base all their abilities around versatility.

One way to help you understand just what's in store for future owners of such a traveling home is to take a short trip through imagination and pretend you just bought one of these buggers. Considering you can find a 2023 Roo priced as low as $38,000 (€39,200 at current exchange rates), our imaginary adventure doesn't seem that unlikely, especially if you've been saving up for a camper.

We are now sitting in your driveway with a Roo hitched up behind your truck. With all your adventure gear loaded and everyone putting the finishing touches on the upcoming trip, the next 30 minutes find you hauling down the highway with a camper filled with up to 1,541 pounds (700 kilograms) of cargo. After a few hours or so, you finally arrive at the campgrounds you'll call home for the next few days.

Rockwood Roo Interior
Once there, it's time to unfurl all the magic that the Roo has to offer. It's also here that you'll be able to understand a bit about the hybrid aspect. With the unit now stabilized, you press a button and slideouts begin to take their position. With this feature in place, it's time to set up your sleeping area. Hybrid goodness commencing.

This aspect offers the most significant indication of a hybrid camper; a travel trailer or mobile abode that features an array of materials and abilities from a wide range of RV classes. This also means that units, although rather lightweight, can fit large families. How big? Depending on the Roo floorplan you choose, I counted sleeping space for up to nine guests or more. That's insane from a camper that can weigh as little as 5,639 pounds (2,558 kilograms) straight out of the factory.

With the tent and canvas sleeping areas in place, it's time to continue with outdoor setups, including a grill area, maybe a fire pit, and some exterior dining options. Maybe you unload your kayaks or bicycles. And then, out of nowhere, a storm hits. You're forced to pack everything back up again and retreat inside your Roo. Don't worry; vacuum laminated fiberglass walls and permanently attached tents should work wonders in keeping the cold and rain out of your unit. But, if things get really nasty, retract your tents into place and seal yourself inside.

Rockwood Roo Bathroom
You'll have plenty of activities to keep you busy until the storm blows over. From cooking a meal for all guests to sitting back and chit-chatting or simply watching some TV, all have space in the Roo. Even a fireplace is available in some units, and features like heated mattresses are sure to keep you comfortable even with the storm outside.

As you and the family enjoy their afternoon meal, the storm passes, and it's time to unfurl the camper's tent portions again. The skies are now clear, and the softened dirt is perfect for taking those bicycles for a spin.

With the setting sun on the horizon, the fire pit is brought to life once again, and the evening is tied off with s'mores and laughter around the fire. Some folks sleep outside on lounge chairs, others inside, but no matter where you lay your head, the Roo seems to have your back. Just a little something-something to consider if you're looking for a versatile and rather affordable camper for your extended family.

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Images in the gallery showcase an array of unspecified Rockwood Roo floorplans.


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