German Machines Dominate Countless Industries, and the Nova Light Campers Are No Exception

Eriba Nova Light 19 photos
Photo: Hymer GmbH
Eriba Nova Light InteriorEriba Nova Light GalleyEriba Nova Light GalleyEriba Nova Light InteriorEriba Nova Light StorageEriba Nova Light StorageEriba Nova Light DinetteEriba Nova Light InteriorEriba Nova Light BathroomEriba Nova Light BathroomEriba Nova Light InteriorEriba Nova Light DinetteEriba Nova LightEriba Nova Light DinetteEriba Nova Light StorageEriba Nova LightEriba Nova LightEriba Nova Light Interior
Just about everyone in the world knows how seriously the Germans take their craftsmanship. From automotive companies to bicycles and everything in between, Germany is one nation that's hard to please. This couldn't be more true for their RV industry as well.
Folks, Eriba, the German mobile home, travel trailer, and RV manufacturer, is the crew we'll be exploring today. Sure, we've covered their works before, but it seems they've done it again; we'll be meeting the Nova Light series. Oh, and before we continue, try to remember that whole bit about craftsmanship. Why? Simply because the floorplans and units you see in the gallery start off priced as little as €24,500 ($23,800 at current exchange rates), yet showcase looks, feels, and features of RVs twice their value.

Now, Eriba's history dates back to 1957, making them one of those crews that happen to be responsible for countless industry innovations. They're a sort of Airstream or Winnebago of Europe, and that alone is reason enough to keep your sights locked on them. If that's not, I'm sure the Nova Light will be.

Sure, one of the major reasons why I chose to bring this machine to light is the price, but low bucks are only a big deal if you receive one hell of a machine. Well, we aren't sitting here talking about the Nova for no reason; after we're done here, you may find yourself traveling to Germany to pick up one of these travel trailers.

Eriba Nova Light Interior
Photo: Hymer GmbH
Like most campers priced this low, the Nova series uses nothing more than a blend of materials to take shape. This includes an aluminum exterior skin, closed-cell foam insulation, and plywood paneling inside the unit. However, the exterior isn't such a big deal, except that you can add countless options to make it yours; the interior is why we're here.

The best way for me to help you understand what's in store, let's pretend you just purchased one of these mobile dwellings and are now parked on some campsite or simply on the side of the road. With the unit stabilized, you embark upon the evening's necessities, one of which is food. So, to the kitchen we go, only to find a galley block with a three-burner top, sink and tap, storage drawers and cabinets, and an integrated fridge. You only need some recipes and a dash of imagination to whip up those three-course meals.

With plates full of goodies, it's time to take a seat in the dinette, typically across from the bedroom and at the front of the unit. On the other hand, one floorplan places the dinette at the foot of the bedroom as a sort of extension. That's the 515 option, also the most expensive of the bunch, cruising in for around €26,000 ($25,200). Still a tad more than the least expensive unit. Speaking of sleeping, most of the campers only fit up to three folks, but the 515 fits five.

After everyone finishes their meal, the kids take off to explore the nearby surroundings while you and your beloved sit back and watch the young ones from inside the unit. As you do so, your attention also strays to the Nova, and you can't help but notice the endless cargo options tattered around the upper level of the RV. You can't even remember where you put your pajamas. Underbed storage is also in place and will come in handy for luggage and other large or rarely used items.

Eriba Nova Light Interior
Photo: Hymer GmbH
It's now late and time to hit the hay. But, the next day, you arise, and before hitting the road to your following destination, you decide to take the kids out for an e-MTB ride. With some footage and pictures taken, it's time to move on to the next magical wonderland; the true magic of this lifestyle. One feature you should come to love is the anti-sway system that Eriba adds to their campers. Brakes are activated in a controlled manner when any undesired sway is detected to stabilize the habitat.

Once you finally reach the campgrounds you've planned for, it's time to settle into your mobile home. This time, your settings are tuned to long-term living. With an array of packages that Eriba offers, future owners can harness the power of the sun and take things off-grid and out of mind.

At the end of the day, you may end up dishing out a tad more than just $24K on your very own Nova Light travel trailer, but frankly, with a few thousand dollars more, you're looking at a pretty sweet deal, and I don't feel I need to point out once again that it's the result of German precision and craftsmanship. Happy glamping.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of Nova Light features and floorplans.

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