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Jayco's 2023 White Hawk Campers Cater to Glamping Families With Luxury and Gusto
It's that time again; RV and camper manufacturers unveil the goods for the upcoming year. One crew that's always been a go-to supplier of mobile dwellings is Jayco, and today, we'll be exploring the 2023 White Hawk, a habitat that has a bit of something for everyone.

Jayco's 2023 White Hawk Campers Cater to Glamping Families With Luxury and Gusto

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Folks, Jayco is one of those RV teams that's been around since 1968 when Lloyd and Bertha Bontrager decided to make another one of their dreams a reality. Shortly after settling in Northern Indiana, the first prototype appeared. The rest is just history, as here we are, over 50 years later, talking about this crew and what they have in store for what can be considered their 55th anniversary year.

All that brings us to the White Hawk, a family-worthy travel trailer that is said to blend "luxury and lightweight" into a relatively affordable and technologically advanced rolling cave. Why relatively affordable? Well, these new machines are cruising in for new less than $52,500 (€53,450 at current exchange rates), and while that's more than most folks are ready and willing to spend on a travel trailer, there are clear reasons why you should consider dishing out this much.

Now, it would be sheer madness to attempt running through all the available standard features and options. So to help you understand a bit more about what your life may be like, I want you to imagine that you've purchased a Hawk, made your way to your favorite park, and are now getting ready to unfurl the magic.

Overall, you've chosen one of 10 available floorplans, but the shells are constructed similarly using vacuum-bonded and laminated Azdel walls and slideouts, a fully walkable roof capable of withstanding 4,500 pounds (2,041 kilograms) of load, and an integrated A-frame. Yet, that's only a small part of this story; the rest of this lineup's gusto is found inside.

After you've looked at the exterior, taken some gear out of the storage bays, and set up your campsite, it's time to start deploying those slideouts and head inside. Once you've climbed into your Hawk, you'll typically be greeted by large open areas with modular dinettes, entertainment centers, fireplaces, and features like appliances and cabinetry that, believe it or not, look better than that sound in some homes.

It's here that you'll be able to spend the next few days to week helping ground yourself and aligning your chakras by living it up in style and peace, all the while accessing the wilderness around at a moment's notice. Meal plans include some prep inside, either boiling or frying, but don't forget about accessing an outdoor galley for mouthwatering BBQ sessions, all under the protection of large awnings.

With bellies full, you and the family decide to hang out around a fire, maybe sing a song or two, or watch the celestial light show; you can take in the starry sky as there are no city lights to hinder their luster and shine. If the night's cold air starts to settle into your bones, but you still want to continue the magic, head inside and see the world from the comforts of a warm mobile home, made possible with countless windows and a skylight over the master bed. Don't forget to brush those fangs before bed, and maybe take a shower in the large bathrooms.

Speaking of sleeping, countless options are available to families of varying sizes. From queen beds to bunk beds and modular dinettes tattered throughout these trailers, you'll be able to pass out wherever you feel like it. The next day, the sound of wildlife and children laughing is how you may be awakened; it sounds like one heck of a life, and most of your needs can be taken care of by Jayco and their 2023 White Hawk.

At the end of the day, you'll be dishing out a tad more than you would on campers from those other guys, and even more once you start transforming it into your dream RV, but the tradeoff seems worth it. Happy travels and safe camping.

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Images in the gallery showcase numerous White Hawk interiors from unidentified floorplans.


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