Remembering the Unmatched and Out-of-This-World eleMMent Viva "Private Jet on Wheels"

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Photo: Marchi Mobile
eleMMent Viva PrivateeleMMent Viva PrivateeleMMent Viva PrivateeleMMent Viva PrivateeleMMent Viva PrivateeleMMent Viva PrivateeleMMent Viva PrivateeleMMent Viva PrivateeleMMent Viva PrivateeleMMent Viva PrivateeleMMent Viva PrivateeleMMent Viva PrivateeleMMent Viva PrivateeleMMent Viva
The world of mobile living and luxury RVs is a vast place, but every once in a while, we run across something that redefines what's possible. This is the case with the eleMMent Viva Private, AKA "Private jet on wheels."
Folks, take a nice long look at what you see in the image gallery and try to remember when you last saw a luxury transport system that showed up to the game with such a mind-blowing and out-of-this-world design. That's right, you probably don't have any point of reference.

Yet, if you regularly keep tabs on autoevolution and the work we throw into the world, you might recall the piece we completed on a different variation of the eleMMent, the Palazzo, an RV that is considered to be the "World's Most Decadent and Expensive."

As for the Viva, it strays away from the whole motorhome idea of this industry and, instead, focuses on nothing more than the most luxurious way to travel on wheels. The Viva is nothing more than exactly what its creators - Marchi Mobile - call it: a "Private jet on wheels." I think the image gallery clearly portrays what that means.

Now, the Viva begins like most other rolling mansions that Marchi spits out, with that strange but method-to-the-madness body style. The way that massive cab juts out over the vehicle's nose is something else entirely and sure to raise eyebrows no matter where you travel.

eleMMent Viva Private
Photo: Marchi Mobile
But, it's not the attention you'll receive that I'm interested in, but rather the way this "jet on wheels" takes care of each of its occupants, and for that, we have to head inside. Again, if you haven't checked out the image gallery, now's the time to do so.

For starters, let's begin our journey in that uncanny cab. Here, Marchi creates the bulbous shape we see with nothing more than carbon fiber, and this is one of the reasons why this rolling luxury bus is priced at around $1.5M (€1.4M at current exchange rates). From there, an aviation-like dashboard is only highlighted by that nearly 360-degree view of the world around.

Take a moment to imagine yourself at the wheel of this bugger; how would you feel? Heck, how would your butt feel as it's hugged by stitched leather? Go ahead, really let what Marchi has achieved here set in, and once you do, let your chauffeur do the driving; we have bigger fish to fry, literally. You'll see what I mean shortly.

eleMMent Viva Private
Photo: Marchi Mobile
From the cab, we first need to slide open the door that separates this space from the rest of the unit, and after we do, you'll be able to greet and chit-chat with up to eight lucky guests you've chosen to travel with. Again, the whole idea of a private jet is clearly apparent with face-to-face seating crafted from the highest-grade materials and overhead cabinets for storing whatever goods guests may need to bring along. We can also see that Marchi offers an array of interiors from which to choose.

Further back, the luxuries we'd expect from a private and luxury service are in place, including a bar and even galley space, fit with the basics needed on the road. The bathroom, however, doesn't appear to offer a shower, but I'm sure you can get that worked in because the very rear of the bus includes an owner's area that's completely customizable. Here, the standard option showcases nothing more than a large dinette, but I also noticed images portraying what looks like a bedroom. Go for a cooktop and literally cook some fish. I'm not sure your royalty-worthy guests will enjoy the smell, but when you're hungry, anything goes.

The question is: where exactly does this sort of vehicle position itself in the industry? Well, in my 35 years of living, I've never spotted one of them roaming the roads of North America or Europe. I'm not saying they don't exist; they clearly do; some millionaires are surely moving around in the utmost luxury.

eleMMent Viva Private
Photo: Marchi Mobile
This brings me to the possible business opportunities if you own or employ a fleet of Vivas. The place for something like this is clearly as a shuttle service to and from private helicopter pads or airports, exclusive events, or while you're being moved from one Hollywood set to another. Maybe you're putting on a show in Venice, but you're in Milan and need to make it there in style. After all, you're the star.

As for the minds and hands behind the magic, it's none other than Marchi Mobile, a crew that sees its roots in Dortmund, Germany, and aside from crafting these crazy machines, there isn't much else known about them. Furthermore, since 2019, there hasn't been a single post on their Facebook page.

So, what happened? Was the world not prepared for the eleMMent Viva or Palazzo? Well, we just don't know. Sources say nothing, the manufacturer is silent, and all roads lead us to a dream that once was and that's now probably catching dust in some hangar or private garage somewhere (possibly in Dubai). If you've ever seen a Marchi vehicle or know anything about where and what this crew is up to, feel free to comment below. For now, we can just take in a different kind of way to live and travel.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery also showcase the Palazzo.

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