Presidential Series Motorhomes Reveal the Peak of American RV Living: Even Flashes a Spa!

Presidential Series Realm 22 photos
Photo: Foretravel Motorcoach
Presidential Series RealmPresidential Series RealmPresidential Series RealmPresidential Series RealmPresidential Series RealmPresidential Series RealmPresidential Series RealmPresidential Series RealmPresidential Series RealmPresidential Series RealmPresidential Series RealmPresidential Series RealmPresidential Series RealmPresidential Series RealmPresidential Series RealmPresidential Series RealmPresidential Series RealmPresidential Series RealmPresidential Series RealmPresidential Series RealmPresidential Series Realm
For years, I've been searching for what can be considered the peak of the motorhome and RV industry. While that's typically subject to tastes and needs, one way to gauge just how packed full of goodies an RV may be is by its price. Well, this next one costs millions of dollars! How many millions? You'll have to join us to get that answer.
Folks, take a nice long look at the images you see in the gallery; really let them sink. What you've just witnessed is nothing more than the Presidential Series Reals FS605 from none other than America's Foretravel Motorcoach.

Oh, this name sounds familiar, doesn't it? If we consider that they've been a player in the mobile living industry since 1967, that makes sense. Based out of Nacogdoches, Texas, this team initially hit the industry with travel trailers, and over the 50-plus years of history, they've grown into what we see today. Currently, they only focus their attention on motorcoaches, with only two available styles in place, the classic Realm FS605 or the Presidential Series version, the one before us today.

First and foremost, I invite you to play a little guessing game. After you've read most of the following article and really got acquainted with this monster's capabilities and design, try to guess just how much it's selling for. You can check your answer against the information in the "editor's notes" section. Feel free to comment on the results, too.

Presidential Series Realm
Photo: Foretravel Motorcoach
Now, the Presidential Series is one of those RVs that's just packed with all the features and creature comforts we could ever ask for, and that means pages after pages of details outlining what we're up against. So, the easiest way to show you what we're up against here is to invite you on a short journey into our imagination. Go ahead, grab your family, climb aboard, fire this puppy up, and hit the road. Make sure you have the right licensing in place.

As you're driving along, a Spartan K4 chassis is the base for all the air-suspension goodness you're feeling, and a Cummins X15 engine with 605 hp is responsible for getting all 74,000 lbs (33,565 kg) of GCWR moving along any road your adventures throw at you. of that weight limit, 20,000 lbs (9,072 kg) is towing capacity, so you can very well bring along a toy hauler or nearly any other travel trailer you can think of.

Yet, this unit's real magic begins to unfold the moment you begin to settle in for the night or the next few days. Aside from auto-leveling features and all the connections you could ever ask for, the interior of the Presidential Series explodes into view with the use of multiple slide-outs along each wall. But first, whip out all your goods and toys hidden all along the lower half of the unit's body.

Presidential Series Realm
Photo: Foretravel Motorcoach
If you're more of an outdoor lover, be sure to look into extending all those patio awnings, turning on all the exterior lighting, accessing the outdoor entertainment center, and if you've dropped some extra cash, whip something up on an outdoor grill setup.

For a moment, leave the food sizzling on the grill outside, and let's see what the rest of the gang is up to inside the belly of this so-called beast. Well, as we enter the Presidential Series, it soon becomes clear as to why I've chosen to bring this rolling home to light.

While the image gallery only showcases a few examples of what the interior of this motor coach can look like, it's more than enough to understand why Foretravel is where it is today. Not only is the design one that invites owners with a well-lit interior, but large windows also flood the space with natural light.

Presidential Series Realm
Photo: Foretravel Motorcoach
All those rays of sunshine will be bouncing off of tile flooring, an array of composite and natural materials, and heating up leather couches, dinettes, and quartz countertops. Be sure to notice the wonderful ceiling accents that Foretravel has in place and the way they hide systems, such as heating and cooling vents, to name a few.

Now, in this space, future owners will be able to carry out the activities they feel lead to a full life. Whether this be just lounging around and watching some TV, listening to your favorite jams, squeezing in a tad of work, cooking in a full-size residential kitchen, or catching some sleep in a bedroom that puts the one I live into shame.

Then there's the range of floorplans available, each one dictating the layout and features found inside. Be sure to check them out, as some options even offer two bathrooms, bunk beds if you've got a large family and even electric fireplaces. Yet the option that blew me away is the Luxury Villa with Spa. Yup, that's "presidential," all right!

Presidential Series Realm
Photo: Foretravel Motorcoach
All that's then supported by all the systems you can think of, including a water filtration setup with 120 gals (454 l) of fresh water, an Onan generator, heat pumps, AC units, and an electrical setup that may make you feel as though you're looking at the network if veins in the human body. I just couldn't find anything about solar power, but I'm sure you can have a chat with Foretravel, and they'll do their best to take a bit more cash off your hands.

That said, by the time you're done arranging that spa just how you like it, adding an outdoor cooking station, and bringing a bit of yourself into the Presidential series, you'll be looking at a unit that costs well into... ha, gotcha! Did you think I was going to give up the answer so easily?

Leave a comment with how much you think this lifestyle costs, and then check your answer against the average rate of the 2024-2025 Presidential Series. Don't forget to factor in fuel and other constant expenses this lifestyle is known for, but at least you'll be living it up like a king. No, like a president and their family.
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Editor's note: MSRP for a 2024-2025 Presidential Suite is set around $1.7M, and upgraded units can be found well into the $2M range.

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