Charmingly Restored 1954 Yellowstone Travel Trailer Boasts Plenty of Vintage Flair

1954 Yellowstone travel trailer 14 photos
Photo: Hemmings Auctions
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Camping and road-tripping are now more popular than ever, and the market is driven by a growing interest in outdoor adventures. The current trend in the premium travel trailer and motorhome segment is to integrate smart technologies to enhance the comfort and convenience of users, but there was a time when going camping was a much more basic and rustic experience than it is today.
Back in the 1950s and 1960s, road trips were also a favorite summer activity for families all over the United States, but the RVs they used to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors were more modest. If you are the type of person who likes the classics, we will take you on a trip back to a time when aluminum-sided Airstream, Bowlus, and Silver Streak travel trailers were all the rage.

The vintage home on wheels you see here is a charmingly restored 1954 Yellowstone travel trailer that is awaiting a day when it gets to enjoy once again the adventures it did a few decades ago. It's a model that was built by the Yellowstone Coach Company with an aluminum body, an all-birch interior, and residential-style appliances. In the late 1950s, this was a state-of-the-art travel trailer that is said to have won multiple Best in Show awards in its heydays.

Though a lesser-known name nowadays, the Yellowstone Coach Company was an important player in the recreational vehicle market in the decades after WWII. Founded in 1945 by Elmer Weaver in Wakarusa, Indiana, the company initially focused on manufacturing small travel trailers, with its models becoming quite popular among carnival workers who lived in them full-time.

1954 Yellowstone travel trailer
Photo: Hemmings Auctions
By the 1960s, the Yellowstone Coach Company expanded its offering with the addition of truck campers, park models, fifth-wheel trailers, and motorhomes to its range. The manufacturer remained in the vacation vehicle business for 45 years, until the early 1990s.

The majority of the models produced by Yellowstone boasted aluminum bodies and rectangular windows and were available in a range of sizes, from compact versions for singles or couples to larger models that fitted the entire family.

The travel trailer in question here was considered a top-of-the-line model when it was launched in 1954. It is built on a single-axle trailer with leaf springs, an anti-sway bar, and large electric brakes, and its rounded aluminum shell perfectly embodies the spirit of midcentury travel trailer design.

It was considered more deluxe than other camping units of the time thanks to its birchwood interior that made it much lighter, airier, and brighter, the household-type appliances, and the large sleeping area at the back. This might not sound like much by today's standards, but back then, all these features made the trailer more comfortable and nicer to live in.

1954 Yellowstone travel trailer
Photo: Hemmings Auctions
This particular 1954 Yellowstone unit measures 17.5 feet (5.3 meters) long, 8.5 feet (2.6 meters) high, and 7.5 feet (2.3 meters) wide, meaning it is relatively compact and can be easily towed behind a wide variety of vehicles. Its aluminum exterior stands apart from other models from its era with red striped patterns on the sides and porthole windows on the entrance doors. The trailer also features a custom painting of a buffalo coin on both sides.

It was found abandoned in a field in Florida in a pretty shabby condition, but luckily, it benefitted from a complete restoration that brought it to a better-than-new condition. On the outside, it still looks like a pretty, retro camper that can make you fall in love with it, but on the inside, it received a series of upgrades that enhanced comfort and functionality.

No one wants to deal with outdated appliances, old wiring, and neglected plumbing during their vacations. During the restoration, all the electrical wiring of this 70-year-old travel trailer was replaced, and the interior was renovated to offer modern conveniences. However, it still preserves the 1950s flair with period-correct furniture, fittings, and fixtures.

All of the appliances inside have been converted to electric operation to increase safety and ease of use for the modern user. The kitchen is equipped with a new Frigidaire refrigerator, a Dixie stove, and a large sink with running water. Other modern amenities include an electric heater and air conditioning, which have been discretely installed to keep the period-correct looks. The lights have also been upgraded to LED bulbs.

1954 Yellowstone travel trailer
Photo: Hemmings Auctions
In terms of layout, there is a front dinette with seating for four, a central kitchen with plenty of cabinets and storage solutions, and a 72-inch rear bed. The camper doesn't include bath or shower facilities, though.

This 1954 Yellowstone travel trailer has come up for auction out of New Vineyard, Maine. It is offered with a clean Florida title in the seller's name and a build book. The highest bid currently stands at just $3,800 with eight days left to bid.

If you're into vintage campers, this is a great opportunity to own a time capsule that can still take you on memorable outdoor adventures. Originally intended for camping, classic travel trailers like this one are now sought-after by collectors and often repurposed in all kinds of ways. We've seen vintage trailers being used as quaint vacation homes, roadside shops, backyard studios, and more, so the possibilities are endless.
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