Spend Over $1.2M on a Dembell Small Garage RV and Get the Matching Compact Car for Free

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Photo: Dembell Motorhomes
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A couple of years ago, the world was hit hard with a phenomenal lineup of RVs and motorhomes. I'm talking about Dembell and the on-road mansions they build. But did you know that you get a free car when you purchase a particular model? You better whip out those life savings for this one.
Folks, back in 2021, the world received news of a new motorhome manufacturer on the market, Dembell. If you're in the loop with the news we cover here on autoevolution, you're aware of the magic they offer. If you're not, then this introduction to their Small Garage model is sure to show you why this team has scooped up award after award since their appearance on the market.

Now, to kick things off for this mobile behemoth, I need to point out a few details, the first of which is the name Mercedes-Benz, the manufacturer of that Actros Gigaspace chassis needed to bring this eye-catching monster to life.

The second aspect is that a Dembell is a clear example of the most modern and luxurious on-road living experience possible. That said, their machines don't cost in the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, but mullions. Yes, this is a millionaire's on-road home.

The third aspect I feel compelled to bring to light is the fact that a Facebook post on Dembell's page from 2022 reveals that the moment you look into getting yourself a Small Garage, this manufacturer will also throw in a compact vehicle to go along with it, decked out with Dembell branding. Think of it as a mothership that comes with little offspring, too.

Small Garage
Photo: Dembell Motorhomes
Sure, it might just be an incentive to drop over $1.2M on one of these, but still, how often does a luxury motorhome manufacturer give you a free car to go along with your unit? Considering that this might be one of the most attractive features of this escapade, let's start with that all-important garage. After all, it's one of this manufacturer's signature features.

At the rear of that Actros, Dembell adds the garage space, accessible by a rear lifting hatch and nestled underneath the bedroom. We don't have any dimensions regarding the space, but it's big enough to let you park that compact vehicle and take it with you wherever you go.

Best of all, we can spot a few features in this space, too, including access to system controls like electrical, plumbing, and a few others. You can even store some tools in case you need to tend to your vehicles or leave the car at the mansion and throw in your favorite motorcycle or any other toys. You can even bring along a toy hauler and hitch it up to the Dembell, up to 3.5 tons.

The rest of the shell is reserved for bringing slide-outs and pass-through storage to your mobile living game. If you've had a chance to check out the image gallery, you may have also noticed the equipped solar panel array mounted to the roof of this unit, a feature that can clearly be upgraded.

Small Garage
Photo: Dembell Motorhomes
Now, let's load this puppy up with all the gear you need and want for your adventures and hit the road. After driving for hours or even days, you'll finally arrive at the parking spot you've reserved for yourself and proceed to expand your interior haven.

Speaking of expansion, Dembell places the kitchen and lounge on two separate slide-outs and, with them, creates a living room/kitchen that feels like the ones we find in our landlocked homes. As for the best way to describe the result of the plethora of materials used to bring the interior to life, think land yacht, literally; this thing is flawless in every sense of the word.

Leather, wood, composites, marble, semiprecious metals, and even crystals dance together with an ingenious use of lighting to create a space that not only invites you to relax but is sure to make you feel like James Bond or Bruce Wayne. I'm serious; the only feature that seems to be missing is a friggin jacuzzi and dancing babes. Things are better with the family anyway.

Small Garage
Photo: Dembell Motorhomes
While the interior literally comes across as being flawless, the best way to see the living standards in a motorhome is by checking out the bathroom, and frankly, as I did, I understood why living in a Dembell can often feel as though you're on a yacht.

In this space, porcelain features are contrasted with wood veneer, massive mirrors, and even a heating system like the ones we have at home. Heck, this thing looks so good that you could start a YouTube series with it. There's even a ring light in place to catch that perfect glow.

For the remainder of this short presentation on the Dembell Small Garage, I want you to picture what your lifestyle would be with one of these babies. Imagine yourself and the family waking up to the sounds of the natural world around you rather than the hustle and bustle of city life.

Small Garage
Photo: Dembell Motorhomes
Whip up a coffee and some breakfast, and enjoy the meal in the comfort of your mobile home. Or head outside and take a seat at the outdoor dining set you brought along and enjoy the view. Maybe you're lucky enough to be served overlooking some vineyards below.

After a short break to let the food digest, it's time to unload your toys or that free Dembell-branded compact from that garage and hit the local Riviera or country roads. Come back later and enjoy the evening in the perfect temperature, lighting, and mobile home of our dreams. The following morning, it's on to the next destination. Sounds like one hell of a way to live life.

Be sure to check out the little video we added below. While it showcases the Large Garage version - Dembell didn't make a video of the Small Garage's layout - the features and level of lifestyle are at the same level. Enjoy.

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