The Mammoth Has No Predators! This Truck Camper Is on a Different Lifestyle Level

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Photo: Host Industries Inc.
When I first started writing for autoevolution, I ran across a truck camper manufacturer by the name of Host Campers. Here, I discovered a "Mammoth" of a camper, and four years later, I've decided to check back in to see how their flagship is coming along and what it has to offer to North Americans.
Ladies and gentlemen, take a nice long look at the images in the gallery and leave a comment with whether or not you've seen a more equipped truck camper. If you have, don't be afraid to share that news. But until that moment comes, Let's dive deeper into what I consider to be one of the most capable units on the market.

Now, if the name Host Campers is new to you, don't worry. This crew has been in the market since the year 2000, so it's going on 24 years of activity. The reason they're still alive is because all the work they do is beyond the standards the industry typically follows.

For example, the Mammoth is a camper specifically designed to handle as much on-road living as possible and to do that, Host fills it with absolutely everything we'd need to live healthy, happy, and clean, all the while ditching the traditional neighborhood. Oh, and that interior even has this whole RV-like feeling to it.

Photo: Host Industries Inc.
Come to think of it, let's start our journey into this unit precisely from the inside and work our way out. But, before you start roaming the interior, there's something we need to do: set up the slide-outs. That's right; this truck camper even includes a few sections that help expand the interior, mainly the entire port wall and around 3/4 of the starboard side. A third slide-out is found along the rear wall and accommodates a modular sofa.

What's worth noting about this layout is what happens when the lateral sections are in place. The left wall includes a modular U-shaped dinette, but the bathroom as well. The latter seems only accessible if the slide-out is deployed and the shower, too.

Speaking of showers, I found it rather neat that Host was able to throw out the idea of a wet bath, so future owners can look forward to separate features in separate spaces; whoever's showering won't be disturbed by anyone brushing their teeth or meditating on a porcelain throne. This section of the unit is also accessible from both the living room and the bedroom, so you can keep things private even if you have guests.

Photo: Host Industries Inc.
As for the sort of lifestyle we can lead inside of these babies, let's take a moment out of our busy day to kick back on one of the sofas, turn on the fireplace, maybe some light jazz in the background, all the while, your significant other is whipping up a hot meal on a three-burner range and handing you a beer from an 8 cu ft fridge.

With the meal ready, enjoy it under the view of the outside world from any of the windows around your mobile home, or just sit on the entrance steps and stare off into the setting or rising sun; it's your daydream, do with it as you wish.

Now, there are countless features and systems that you can't see, and again, I loved the extent to which Host equips each Mammoth. For example, a 25,000 BTU furnace and 6-gallon water heater are standard, as are a winterization system and an enclosed and heated tank bay. Then, you've got the indoor shower, but there's an outdoor one too.

Electric jacks, a 45-amp service, and a ton of safety systems are also included in the base price. But, to go off-grid, you'll need to upgrade with Host or do things on your own. Do consider that the extras and options list on the manufacturer's website is larger than the standard goods inside each Mammoth, so there's clearly room for some growth. Host will even squeeze a generator into this thing for you.

Photo: Host Industries Inc.
Overall, the Mammoth comes in with a dry weight of 3,955 lbs (1,793 kg), and since the shell is completed using an aluminum frame, vacuum-bonded insulated walls, floor, and ceiling, most of that weight clearly comes from all the wires, pipes, and features Host loads into this turtle shell on wheels. The one-piece TPO roof accounts for a bit of the weight, too.

The scary thing about taking a truck camper and making it into a four-season home is that it's bound to cost a pretty penny, and a fresh Mammoth may scare some truck camper enthusiasts away. Why? Well, as I explored 2024 units for sale through dealerships, I encountered prices all over the board, ranging from around $77000 (€71,300 at current exchange rates) all the way up to $115K and more.

I'll agree that this is more than most truck camper lovers are willing to dish out on something like this; you can just throw a topper and an inflatable mattress onto the rear of your truck and call it home, but this is much more than just a camper. The Mammoth truly has the potential to handle year-round living, assuming you're ok with small spaces. Yeah, but these small spaces feel like an RV.
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