Canada Builds the Best Camper, Eh? It's the "Most Aerodynamic," and Even EVs Can Haul It

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"The trailer with the lowest towing costs on the market." That's a pretty bold statement if you ask me, and you'll be able to find it on Safari Condo's website as you explore the A Series lineup from this Canadian powerhouse.
Ladies and gentlemen, Safari Condo may not be one of the outdoor living brands you've heard about, and that's okay. However, there are countless reasons why this crew should be on your 'to consider' list if you're ever planning on getting your hands on a solid camper.

Canada's a pretty wild place in terms of landscape, and if a camper can survive out there, it can do so just about anywhere. Oh, Safari's also been in this business for over a quarter of a century, so they've racked up quite the know-how since then.

Well, all of that R&D is dumped into their A Series campers, or rather, camper; only one unit or floorplan is available, but it seems to be all that anyone will ever need. Why? Safari makes a big deal that this is their "most aerodynamic" model yet, showing a drop in drag of 47% and even backed by a couple of patents, both for the US and Canada. In short, it's meant to be light and aerodynamic enough to be towed by EVs and "smaller engine capacity" vehicles.

How is this achieved? First off, we need to consider the frame that Safari lays down; this will define the shape of the unit, much like your skeleton defines your very own body. All that starts off with an aluminum chassis and floor, ensuring everything is nice and light, but it's the chopped, dropped, and pinched bow and aft section that makes this baby so aerodynamic. The underbelly is built around the same principle, too.

A Series
Photo: Safari Condo
Now, while I personally feel like this thing looks like a damn brick with wheels, apparently, the whole Tesla Truck-ish look has plenty of function. But it feels like I'm missing something, and that something is only revealed upon entering the unit or by checking out the video below.

Fine, I'll stop holding out on precious info and just get to the point. What makes this "brick" more like a hot knife is its bow or nose. While the images of the exterior don't really allow us to figure out what's going on, let me point out that the tip of the A Series is tapered off, just like the top on the letter "A." Maybe that's where this lineup gets its name.

Once the wind has begun to wrap around your unit, it's then the job of the underlying skeleton and outer panels of alufiber to lubricate that aerodynamic flow. The honeycomb alufiber panels also ensure things are light but with the protection that aluminum is known for. Throw a solid coat on top, and enjoy the road.

The question is, just how light is this baby? According to the manufacturer's brochure and my abilities to decipher what the hell everything says, we're looking at a unit with a dry weight of 2,543 lbs (1,153 kg) and can be loaded up to 3,700 lbs (1,678 kg). Honestly, that's one hella light machine, considering the interior is filled with all the goodies a family would need to explore the greater outdoors.

A Series
Photo: Safari Condo
Now, let's say you're in possession of one of these beauties and have finally arrived at some trailer park or your hidden haven in the woods; it's time to stabilize your unit, unhitch your beast of burden, and set up your campsite. Unfurl that awning, unload your outdoor dining set, and even throw up a ripstop annex; let the kids run wild while you head inside for a relaxing siesta.

As we enter the A Series, we'll find ourselves in a very well-lit space that places all the comforts and features we need to not worry about sleeping with empty bellies or caked to the teeth with mud and dust from romping around on ATV and dirt bikes all day. There are even two lounges at each end of the unit that double as bedrooms.

At the front of the A Series, we can also see the effect that the nosecone has on the interior and its design. The result is a V-shaped lounge with a triangular table that's perfect for just plopping down onto or squeezing in an hour or two of work. Two massive windows flood this space with natural light.

With our backs turned to this space, the rest of the camper unfurls its magic in the shape of the wet bath to the right and a galley block to the left. At the rear, one of my favorite places in this unit pops into view: the rear lounge. Here, you and your friends or family can sit around and chit-chat about the upcoming activities or arrange the bed and lie down with your feet toward the three massive windows and watch the world go by outside.

A Series
Photo: Safari Condo
Something that clearly can't be overlooked, even if we tried, is all the storage space this unit offers. From the overhead bins above the galley to the ones above and below the rear lounge, there's plenty for all your family's goodies. Some options are found outside, too.

As for the rest of our outdoor experiences, Safari Condo ensures that you can take your A Series, throw a bit more cash at it, and before long, you'll be able to break away from the trailer park and live out in the middle of some reservation, assuming you have the clearance to do so.

While solar panels are optional, heated batteries, BMS (Battery Management System), 45 A converter/charger, and several others are standard. There's also 100 l (26 gals) of freshwater at your discretion, not to mention heating and hot water provided by a Combi Eco Plus, and cooking by two gas tanks. Maybe a backup generator wouldn't hurt.

The question is, just how much is all this aerodynamic magic going to cost us? Surprisingly enough, the manufacturer shows off 2025 units as selling for $62K, but that's in Canadian Dollars, so what we're really is a tad over $46K in American 'doll hairs,' so rather accessible if you ask me, considering how this puppy looks - European influences - and what it promises.

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