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Regular Car Reviews: The Certified Craziest (and Maybe the Best) Car Show on the Internet
Are you sick and tired of the prim and proper attitude most car reviewers on YouTube and television tend to exude? Do you also think that Top Gear in its first 20 seasons was the greatest gift our Lord hath given us? Well, we think we know the perfect solution if you're jonesing for something different.

Regular Car Reviews: The Certified Craziest (and Maybe the Best) Car Show on the Internet

Many of you know and love them. A good portion of them may even watch every single of their 1,100-ish car reviews. But for those of you unfortunate enough to have not spent the past half-decade laughing at their humor, meet Brian (Mr.Regular) and Nick (Roman).

This dynamic duo from Eastern Pennsylvania is the brains behind the Regular Car Reviews YouTube Channel. Perhaps the most wonderfully hilarious fever dream of an automotive review channel that ever found its way onto YouTube. Buckle up lads, it's one heck of a wild ride.

To say RCR's comedic style falls into the "alternative" category is an understatement. Assuming your idea of alternative comedy is toilet humor, naughty words, jokes about contemporary meme culture, and poignant on-the-nose commentaries about cars and the people who drive them.

Make no mistake though, behind all the fart jokes and loud screaming about nonsense is the mind and spirit of two graduate school majors in English giving us their eloquent, nuanced, informed, and entertaining opinions. Normally about very average, everyday cars. It makes perfect sense that the two met initially in grad school.

Mr. Regular openly admits he created RCR out of his dissatisfaction with the quality of homemade car reviews on YouTube in the very early days of the website. Back in the late 2000s and early 2010s, full-fledged auto journalists were a niche profession.

A job which was usually performed by people with connections in other more broad forms of broadcast media. Apart from the Top Gear Three, there weren't too many job, if any, in the field in those days. It was a pity because to Mr. Regular, it was a missed opportunity.

What was leftover were a few independent creators on this newfangled website called YouTube. Innovators of their field, but often sporting poor quality camera phones without wind-resistant microphones dictated in a dull, monotonous cadence. This was unacceptable for Mr. Regular. He knew in his heart of hearts that he could do it different. That he could do it better. He was right to believe so.

Mr. Regular's first attempt at such a "regular" car review was uploaded in 2011, featuring his own 2002 Toyota Echo. As far as first introductions to a new YouTube channel go, loudly belching into the microphone as your first opening gag is one heck of a bold move. One that may not have worked out at least at first, as in Mr. Regular's own words, "no one watched it." It would be another year before he would upload again.

Mr. Regular reviewed his family's 1994 Dodge Caravan on his second attempt. He moved away from home for work soon after that. When it was apparent that there wasn't any good work in his degree field, a friend asked Mr. Regular what he really wanted to do with his life. When he responded with making those silly car reviews on YouTube, his friend wisely advised him to follow his vision and let the money follow afterward.

Against his better Judgement, Mr. Regular took this to heart. He was rewarded with his review of a 1995 Mazda NA MX-5 Miata going viral. The rest, as they say, is history. What people admired most about RCR, especially after Roman joined full-time, was their unapologetic and up-front weirdness. A sort of elaborate but undeniably entertaining form of revenge against people in their youth who judged and bullied them for being less than typical.

Combine this with Roman's golden voice and trademark intro/outro songs for almost every video, and you have a combination that was ready to show the world it was okay to be weird. Heck, maybe even cool to be weird. For us folks who can attest to the struggle of the average weird kid, it's a profoundly motivating message.

There's some truly raunchy, abrasive, and downright outrageous humor involved in every single video the team creates. This extends to their podcast as well. Assuming you enjoy multiple-hour streams of two drunk friends rambling about nonsense. Pretty entertaining, if you ask us.

Roman and Mr. Regular may not have the subscriber counts of heavyweights in the auto journalism biz like or Doug DeMuro. They've yet to reach one million subscribers, even ten years later. But there's one constant among the jet-set of this industry in America. These people all put respect on the name Regular Car Reviews.

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