Racing Ferrari Knocks Over Parked Range Rover in Crash Like “an Explosion”

Racing on city streets, even early in the morning when the traffic is lighter, is never a good idea. It is also illegal and, like in this particular case, can result in considerable damage.
Racing Ferrari smashes into parked Range Rover, flips it like a pancake 23 photos
Photo: Gary Smith for the BBC
Throw in a Ferrari race car, and you’re bound to have more damage. This particular incident didn’t result in any injuries, which is the only silver lining, but it can still serve as a lesson on how not to behave on public streets.

It happened in Ipswich, Suffolk, in England, on a typically narrow British street. A Ferrari race car smashed into a parked Range Rover and, due to the force of the impact, flipped it to one side. One resident tells the BBC the noise before the crash sounded like the Ferrari was speeding but also dragging its undercarriage on the road. “[It] looked like a Testarossa,” the resident offers, before adding that the sound of the crash made him think the vehicle had hit the curb. The side air vents contradict the first part of his statement: this wasn’t a Testarossa; it was an F355 Challenge.

To The Sun, the same resident says the Ferrari was going as fast as it could, “flat out,” so when it smashed into the Range Rover, it sounded like “an explosion.” Strangely, after the impact, the Ferrari started again, with the driver seemingly trying to flee the scene. “It's not everyday you wake up and see that,” adds the resident, speaking of the view from his window, with the SUV flipped on its side. Indeed.

Suffolk Constabulary has confirmed that one arrest was made in the incident but would not say if the person detained was the driver of the now-smashed Ferrari. The investigation is underway and, based on reports, looking into the possibility that the Ferrari driver was speeding or driving recklessly.

Owning a very powerful and fast car should never be a good enough reason to break the law. Overgeneralization never did anyone any good, so let’s just leave it at this: one man’s lack of judgment on this particular occasion is a very expensive lesson in city driving.
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Editor's note: For illustration purposes, photos in the gallery show the Ferrari Testarossa.

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