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VTEC Spooks Dodge Viper, Muscly Supercar Crashes Into Pole While Racing Acura Integra

For a model whose production spanned between 1991 and 2017, the Dodge Viper has left a deep mark on the car world.
Dodge Viper - Crash 9 photos
Dodge Viper - CrashDodge Viper - CrashDodge Viper - CrashDodge Viper - CrashDodge Viper - CrashDodge Viper - CrashDodge Viper - CrashDodge Viper - Crash
Enthusiasts still get hyped about it, and some owners keep pushing theirs to the max every now and then, which isn’t the brightest thing to do, considering that it was basically built in a shed, and it doesn’t feature the modern safety gear that we’re used to.

Thus, there is no margin for error, as the Dodge Viper could bite your head off if you're not careful. In this instance, it ended up feasting on a pole, subsequent to its driver losing control of the wheel while racing a third-generation Acura Integra on public streets, somewhere in the United States.

Shared on Instagram by voided_visuals one day ago, the video was shot earlier this week, presumably, and shows the two cars engaging in some straight-line fun. Well, ‘fun’ is definitely not the word that we’re looking for, because there was nothing fun about the Viper losing traction, narrowly missing the Integra, and crashing head-first into a pole.

The impact was so brutal that it left extremely deep marks on the face of the American muscle car. The low-quality footage, and filming angle prevent us from trying to spot some of the damages, beyond the ruined hood, and bumper. Nonetheless, if we were to take a wild guess, we’d assume that the vehicle is a write-off.

Hopefully, the driver walked away without any serious injuries, which is more than we can say about their ego, though there is no way of knowing for sure. The video ends shortly after the Viper came to a full stop, and if you are aware of any other clips and/or pictures showing the aftermath, then feel free to share them with us in the comments area down below.


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