Pontiac GTO "Landspeeder" Is a Star Wars Muscle Car Rendering

Pontiac GTO "Landspeeder" Is a Star Wars Muscle Car Rendering 5 photos
Photo: bradbuilds/Instagram
Pontiac GTO "Landspeeder" Is a Star Wars Muscle Car RenderingPontiac GTO "Landspeeder" Is a Star Wars Muscle Car RenderingPontiac GTO "Landspeeder" Is a Star Wars Muscle Car RenderingPontiac GTO "Landspeeder" Is a Star Wars Muscle Car Rendering
The GTO is the car that saved Pontiac from the grave, just like the black suit saved Darth Vader after he had a slight dip in some lava and got his legs cut off. Thus, the two are a match, and we can think of no better Star Wars celebration than this GTO rendering.
The rendering artist community has many strange customs. You're supposed to draw wagons on a Wednesday, a Hemi on April 26, while May 5 is when you celebrate Star Wars. We're a little late for that event, but the sci-fi universe deserves constant attention.

We've already established that the GTO would be a good car for Darth Vader, and digital artist Brad Builds indicates that as well in this pixel creation of his. The familiar muscle car of the 1960s gets a transformation fitting of a Sith Lord. It's black, obviously, while a new propulsion mode is crafted, with thrusters in the wheel hubs.

This being a Brad Builds rendering, it also comes with a widebody kit that adds extra muscle to the fenders. In addition to the taillights of a 1967 GTO, the back view also presents us with a quad exhaust system that could drown out the Imperial March.

Vader doesn't drive cars, and, in fact, there aren't that many vehicles with wheels where he hangs around. In The Mandalorian, we do get to see big trucks transporting explosive materials and the tracked Jawa crawler. The idea is that if it's got wheels, it's slow and not fun. The hovering Pontiac is more in line with leisure craft or the Landspeeder.

If you'd like to know more about those, we've got a few Landspeeder articles to check out. In any case, we can't forget that Darth Vader used to be Anakin Skywalker, who won pod racing and was later considered the best fighter pilot out of all the Jedi.

And while we're making weird tangents, the new series Bad Batch deserves mention. In only the first episode, it explains why troopers can't shoot straight: their brains got fried after Order 66 forced them to kill Jedi. After that, their personalities and years of combat skills essentially get wiped.

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