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The electric or EV craze is really inviting. However, most EVs can fetch quite the pretty penny. One crew that seems to be demolishing this notion is Okai, you know, the one and the same that builds most of those last-mile solution options you can rent in countless cities worldwide.

Okai Beetle E-Scooter Looks Stylishly Simple and Is Filled With Goodies for a Mere $700

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Well, this time around, we won't be diving deeper into some product that is meant for the masses, but rather, an electric moped meant to be the sort of one-person vehicle. It unlocks the option of leaving your car in the garage whenever you need to go to the gym, grab some light groceries, or need to make a run to the post office. Best of all, you're being asked to drop no more than a measly $700 (€650 at current exchange rates) on this little trinket.

Now, the minds behind the Beetle are a team I've covered before, Okai. They're a crew from out in China and, over the years, have grown to be responsible for over 100 patents that apply to the micro-mobility industry. I feel you can understand why this crew can sell you this machine for such a low rate. But, let's explore a bit about what it can do for your lifestyle.

I want you to imagine that you just bought yourself the Beetle, and after following along with some light assembly constructions, just grab your helmet and meet your friends at a local park. To get you there and around town, the Beetle is equipped with a 350-watt motor. While it may seem like a pretty small motor for such an EV, it can still whip you around with speeds upwards of 15.5 mph (25 kph) and can even dominate hills up to a 20% gradient, approximately 18 degrees.

Okai Beetle
Since it's Saturday, you and your and decide it would be nice to grab a coffee at a nearby café. However, this coffee shop is on a rooftop. So, what do you do? Since Okai has been in this business since 2006, this urban mobility experience shines through as a foldable Beetle. Just fold the steering column and seat, and take the elevator up to the 19th floor.

Once your coffee break is over, make sure you're within this vehicle's 25-mile (40-kilometer) range and explore the local scene. If you want more coverage, grab another battery pack and take it along on your journeys. When the first is drained, lift the footrest and drop in an extra 25 miles of range. To slow things down, electronic brakes ensure you don't flip yourself over in case someone opens a car door in your path.

Some of the features Okai has thrown into the mix to entice future customers are mainly aimed at comfort. For example, pneumatic tires are one good way to provide some extra vibration reduction compared to solid honeycomb wheels, and springs integrated into the seat soften cracks and bumps even more. Oh, let's not forget the memory foam seating and large footrest.

Okai Beetle
I mentioned that this trinket can even assist you in your day-to-day struggles. While it may not be much, there is an additional cargo basket you can add to the front of the Beetle, and it's big enough for you to carry some eggs, a carton of milk, and even some fruits and veggies.

At the end of the day, the Beetle can do more than just take you to work and won't rip a hole in your pocket doing so. What does this mean for you? Well, you decide if this vehicle fits your lifestyle; I'm just the messenger.

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