Coswheel's T26 E-MTB May Just the Most Questionable Piece of Chinese Craftsmanship Ever

It's official, I've run across an e-MTB that scares the bejesus out of me. Why? Look at it; Coswheel's T26 comes off like a machine that's only missing a couple of zeros from the end of its name and a terminator riding it. They're calling it "Pure Fashion."
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The first time I saw the T26, I knew I would write an article about it. Why? Honestly, I don't even know where to begin. From the rudimentary frame and battery pack, what looks like a friggin roll cage, to the fat tires with five-blade wheels and cockpit that looks like a setting from the Matrix, it's all so dang wrong! Who could have done something like this, why, and how it all performs are questions we'll be answering today.

Well, you already know who's responsible for this machine, Coswheel, but what you don't know about this crew is that they're straight out of China, Dongguan to be precise. Around since 2015, all this manufacturer has to show for over seven years of industry activity is two machines, one of which is the T26. The other is a more city-inclined machine that you'll get to know some other time.

As you explore Coswheel's T26 web page, you may receive quite a few mixed signals. Why? You'll be told that this sucker is a bike with "Urban Style," but looking closely at it, I'm not really seeing the whole urban aspect of anything. Maybe you find that a full suspension is more suitable for off-road use. Guess what? Coswheel says this bike is an MTB too. With a weight of 90 pounds (41 kilograms), this thing better handles like a friggin motocross bike. Yes, 90 pounds, heavier than the Super Soco TC café racer electric motorcycle.

T26 E\-MTB
Photo: Coswheel
Ok. Maybe you've been getting the feeling that this, this thing, is nothing but bad news, and it's really not. One way Coswheel is attracting riders is by giving them the choice of motor power output, from a 500-watt brushless geared motor all the way up to 1000 watts. Considering you may be riding a 90-pound machine uphill, those 1000 watts are more than welcome in my life.

But, all that bulk is for a good reason, and another enticing aspect of the T26 is that it features a total payload capacity of 350 pounds (159 kilograms). However, there's no space to add any cargo mounts; 260 pounds (118 kilograms) is a rather large rider, and this puppy can take it. It's also a one-size-fits-all standard, suitable for cyclists as short as 5.4 feet (1.65 meters) to 6.7 feet (2.03 meters).

Speaking of large, I need to clarify some information regarding the tires and wheels. The entire bike is tuned to sport 26-inch tires with a 4-inch cross-section. While this may appear favorable while out and about on some off-road terrain, it will limit your ability to manipulate the T26 in off-road settings.

T26 E\-MTB
Photo: Coswheel
Now, I mentioned that this bugger is a full suspension bike. However, Coswheel does not say this bike's travel or what manufacturer has been called upon to sustain vibrations and bumps. Nor is there any mention of range, but it is equipped with a 15-25 Ah lithium battery.

At the beginning of this article, I started off possibly conveying a lack of seriousness on behalf of Coswheel's approach when it comes to the T26. While I can't say how I feel about Coswheel and their approach, let's let a client named Alyson K. do the talking. She puts things precisely as you're about to read (copy/pasted text), "That's what I am looking for, the awesome electric bike. The American people will fall in love with this car and hope to buy it locally in the United States next time and enjoy after-sales service." Car? What car?

Overall, you're being asked to drop $2,600 (€2,420 at current exchange rates) on this "car," which seems within reasonable bounds. I wonder how everything fares up off-road because the rider in the video below appears to be giving it all he has. This is just a little something to consider if you're looking for an e-bike.

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