Scoot-a-Doo Is a Mighty Scooter Dressed Like a Jet Ski, Hits 60 MPH

From time to time, some skilled adventure seekers come up with crazy, fun ideas and turn them into realities. A lovely couple decided to build their own contraption that looks like a jet ski and drives like a scooter. Meet the Scoot-a-Doo!
The Scoot-a-Doo in action 6 photos
Scoot-a-Doo is a scooter and a jet ski in oneScoot-a-Doo is a scooter and a jet ski in oneScoot-a-Doo is a scooter and a jet ski in oneScoot-a-Doo is a scooter and a jet ski in oneScoot-a-Doo is a scooter and a jet ski in one
Ken and Janice took their Scoot-a-Doos to the Wheels Through Time museum, the home of rare American motorcycles and a few unique automobiles. It was the perfect place to show off their fun machines.

Matt Walksler from Wheels Through Time had the chance to find out more about these cool contraptions and even test one out. The couple explained that they built them by taking two 2011 50-mile scooters and matching them with the ideal Sea-Doo. They found that a 150cc Honda or Yamaha works best with the jet ski shell. So at the heart of the Scoot-a-Doos is an air-cooled, four-stroke, 150cc single cylinder.

They cut the tail section off, moved the fuel cell forward, and relocated the battery. The forks were dropped two inches, and a Ken also put a T-bar across the triple tree area to secure the front of the scooters. And they turned out to be pretty stable and durable since the two rode all over the place, including Daytona Bike Week.

The head unit is basically the only thing you can see above the shell, which doesn’t have any modifications. So, the turn signals, mirrors, the horn, and all that jazz were kept intact. The hulls come from ’92 and ’93 original watercraft, and they do have some upgrades here and there, such as cup holders and a small storage compartment.

Matt hopped on Ken’s Scoot-a-Doo and took it for a ride. These things actually reach a top speed of 60 mph (96.5 kph), and according to Matt, when you’re going at full speed, you even forget about the Sea-Doo hull, and it almost feels like you’re riding a regular bike.

Check out the clip down below to find out more about these crazy machines and see them in action.

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