Nissan 400Z "Retro Racer" Goes Full Vintage With Fender Mirrors, JDM Flares

Nissan 400Z With Full Vintage Look Has Fender Mirrors, JDM Flares 4 photos
Photo: bradbuilds/Instagram
Nissan 400Z "Retro Racer" Goes Full Vintage With Fender Mirrors, JDM FlaresNissan 400Z "Retro Racer" Goes Full Vintage With Fender Mirrors, JDM FlaresNissan 400Z "Retro Racer" Goes Full Vintage With Fender Mirrors, JDM Flares
People are excited about Japanese sports cars again. And while Toyota designed the Supra into a futuristic shark with wheels, Nissan went into its museum and just sketched out a 240Z with only a mild modern twist.
Car modeler Flathat3D worked day and night last week, getting the Z Proto digitized in a matter of only three days. As a result, artists were able to buy this project and put their own twist on the design of the future Z car.

We've shown you three of Brad Builds' projects, which used ideas from the tuning world. But today, we've got something new in the form of a full retro makeover. You can either see this as a 240Z that rolls off the production line in the near future, or just some random customization project.

Either way, we predict a few builders will try to make a car like this when the 400Z inevitably enters production, which is probably going to take a couple of years. So what's happening here, exactly?

Well, the first obvious change is the JDM-style fender mirrors. These are iconic items, and not many people are familiar with them.

Fender mirrors were also very popular in the UK. Up until the late 50s, almost all cars had them. Over in Japan, they used to be required by law until the 80s, when local automakers became really serious about exports and this outdated tech became a problem.

The advantages that came with having the mirrors further forward included fewer blind spots, especially for scooters and bicycles behind you, as well as a narrower body for navigating some of Japan's super-tight streets. However, they're also extremely dangerous to pedestrians because they were made from metal.

The rendering also features JDM flares bolted into the existing body, as well as louvers over the back. This is in line with the 280Z, it's also reminiscent of the Hakosuka. When the new Z arrives, you can just order the cheapest universal flares from Clinched and get the look. Finally, we can mention the Watanabes, classic racing wheels you often see on amateur drift cars, AE86s and NA Miatas.
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