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Maritimo M60 Flybridge Yacht Is All About Chilling at Anchor, Away From Land
Let’s face it, although some of these machines are incredibly potent, people don’t usually buy yachts to race them on the world’s waters. Instead, humans spend fortunes for the chance only these machines can offer: getting away from the crowded land to somewhere secluded, and enjoying whatever vistas the waters of the world have to offer, while at anchor.

Maritimo M60 Flybridge Yacht Is All About Chilling at Anchor, Away From Land

Maritimo M60Maritimo M60Maritimo M60Maritimo M60Maritimo M60Maritimo M60Maritimo M60Maritimo M60Maritimo M60
Boat makers know this, and this is why the offer in the segment is incredibly diverse. And it’s about to get even more complicated now that Australian luxury motor yacht manufacturer Maritimo threw another vessel into the fight.

It’s called M60, and it’s a flybridge yacht - that would be one of those boats with an open deck but also enclosed spaces, perfectly suited for the people who know what these engineering marvels are, and how to properly use them.

Joining the company’s M-Series family that comprises an extra four models (M51, M55, M64, and M70), the M60 comes with a completely new deck and flybridge superstructure design, “an immensity of cockpit deck,” and enough space out back to “cater to a vast range of entertaining, relaxation, or adventuring activities.”

We’re talking about a boat that is 18.53 meters (60.8 feet) long, and boasting a variable deadrise hull with deep keel. The company says the hull was specifically shaped to offer cruising efficiency, comfort and stability away from the shore.

In stock configuration, power for the M60 comes from two Volvo Penta engines good for 800 crankshaft horsepower but, optionally, the company does offer more powerful powerplants made by either Volvo or Scania.

Maritimo says the yacht can hold enough fuel (1,200 gallons/4,550 liters) in its tanks for trips long enough to satisfy the customers' needs of reaching remote locations, although no actual range is provided. There are hints however the thing was meant for long stays away from land, as it also comes equipped with a multitude of extra storage options that can be used for anything from supplies and water toys to fishing gear and tenders.

At the rear of the ship, says Maritimo, the adventure deck can be lifted by means of electric actuators “to uncover the largest garage lazarette area” in the Australian boat maker’s fleet. That would be a garage large enough to accommodate a 3.2 meter (10’ 3”) tender, or two-person jet skis, if the M60 is optioned with special davits. If none of these tools are needed, the space can be converted to store additional supplies, or even Scuba gear.

There are storage options at the front of the boat as well, where another davit can be fitted, or an optional hydraulic platform.

As for personal comfort, well, this is a yacht we're talking about, so what else do you expect but luxury? The thing comes with a climate-controlled, enclosed flybridge with two lounging areas, a cruising lounge up front, and TV lounging – this space can be converted if need be to an additional sleeping berth.

Then comes the upper cockpit with three lounges, and a central piece for the boat’s galley, side decks and adventure deck. The adventure deck is where the culinary magic happens on the M60, as it is here where we get an entertainment module, sink, BBQ grill, and a large top-loading refrigeration unit.

As for accommodations, the boat comes with three sleeping areas, namely one queen stateroom, a single twin room, and a king master bedroom. In all, the M60 can be home for six people for long periods of time.

Maritimo plans to show the M60, the fifth new model presented this year, at the 2022 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show on Australia’s Gold Coast. Pricing was not yet announced.

Source: Maritimo


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