Invictus Yachts’ TT460 Showcases Award-Winning Italian Luxury and Style

There’s something about Italian luxury that just draws everyone to it like moths to a flame. Maybe it’s the speed, maybe it’s the style. Whatever your reasons for loving the red, white, and green, luxury yacht builder Invictus Yachts just launched another product to earn your respect and love for the Italian way.
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The vessel you see before you is known as the TT460. Founded in 1992 by Christian Grande, an already established yacht designer, this team has grown to make a name for itself among the world’s elite. With a focus on design, comfort, and reliability, Invictus now produces a wide range of vessels, and the TT460 comes in as the freshest flagship for the team.

Now, anytime a vessel like this is undertaken, it’s rarely the work of just one team. For the 460, and many other ships from Invictus, the expertise of Cantieri Aschenez shipyard was called upon. Together, they’ve given birth to this respected flagship, revealing the pinnacle of this company’s vision. Big words? Not really, because the 460 won the Innovation Design Award at the 2020 Genoa International Boat Show.

As it stands, the 460 comes in with a length of 14.27 m (46.82 ft) and a beam of 4.43 m (14.5 ft), giving way to a vehicle that isn’t too big, but within that space, is filled with features aimed at a long-lasting yacht experience. One way the team hits your excitement button is with a pair of Volvo Penta IPS 650s. Together, these two engines put out 960 horsepower and can propel the 460 up to a speed of around 30 knots.

TT460 Yacht
The main building material for the hull and other panels is fiberglass. But the use of leather, wood, and other composites is still present. After all, what’s an Italian vehicle without a touch of wood or leather? One material shipbuilders and automakers alike have grown very fond of is carbon fiber. Guess what? It's present in this ship as well, as the hardtop over the main deck.

Since 12 guests can be accommodated aboard the craft, Invictus chose to setup the main deck with a walkaround that allows for access to any of the designated areas, including the helm. One sun pad is found at the bow, while an even larger pad is found aft. In between these two spaces, the helm, a kitchenette, and a dining area, are sure to keep you out on the water for as long as possible.

To help offer a bit more space to guests, but with a unique twist, two segments of the hull unfold to provide spaces that float above the sea. This feature can also be used as a boarding step or simple diving board. A beach deck is in store for water-loving bipeds too.

TT460 Yacht
Underneath the main deck, the sleeping quarters and include two options for the owner’s suite found at the bow. Aft, another space with twin bedding is designated for guests. However, if your guests are a couple, these twins can be merged to form a double or queen bed. A bathroom and plenty of storage options are also in this space.

One thing Invictus has grown to be known for is its customization process. When you choose a 460, you’ll embark upon a ship-building journey that allows you to display your tastes selectively. To find out what that means, I decided to take this journey through the manufacturer’s configurator. Here, you can choose the hull and deck panels colors, the upholstery material and color, down to the stitching, the wooden floor, and even waterline.

However, once you’ve chosen all that, you’ll have to register via e-mail and wait for an answer. But you can go out and purchase a TT460 from any of the few dealers that sell them. Depending on the features aboard and the dealer’s pockets, you’ll be looking at a price anywhere from $800,000 to $1 million and beyond. Now, that’s one spicy meat-a-ball.

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