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Margo the Commuter Is a Van Conversion With Slide-Out Outdoor Kitchen

Oftentimes, when we hear about a new van conversion and learn about its long list of amenities, we cannot stop but wonder how on earth the builders cram so much stuff in such a small space. We’re here to quell some of your curiosity by presenting you a new van conversion project that achieves the feat by incorporating slide-out elements into the design.
Margo the Commuter comes with slide-out kitchen 8 photos
Margo the CommuterMargo the CommuterMargo the CommuterMargo the CommuterMargo the CommuterMargo the CommuterMargo the Commuter
The van is called “Margo the Commuter” and comes from Sunshine Coast Van Fit Outs in Queensland, Australia. Margo is based on a 2011 Volkswagen Transporter and boasts an ingenious design to make out the most of the limited space inside while, at the same time, offer customers the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

In order to equip the campervan with all the things one needs to embrace life on the road, the builders installed a full outdoor pull-out kitchen featuring a built-in sink and a removable stovetop. It comes accompanied by a slide-out counter, which can double as a desk too.

The owners of the van will be able to use the kitchen inside as well, but the slide-out feature doubles the space they have for cooking when the weather is nice enough to permit it.

But the outdoor kitchen is not the only slide-out element Margo boasts. Giant drawers pull out of the garage and serve for storage, giving owners easy access to their belongings.

And there is also a slide-out back table with two benches on each side, providing the perfect setup for dining outside or just simply sitting with a beer in hand at your destination and enjoying the surrounding view.

Inside the van, the owners can make use of several other drawers, bench storage, a micro refrigerator, and a big countertop.

When not in use, the propane stove top can be stored in a sneaky spot under the countertop.

As you can see, the guys at Sunshine Coast Van Fit Outs like to turn everything into a slide-out feature. As such, they added extra functionality with a clever bed to lounge setup. The couch becomes a comfortable bed with just a simple slide.

Built with an innate sense of minimalism, the Margo van conversion might seem a bit crammed and claustrophobic to some. But that’s ok, as van life is not for everyone. What Sunshine Coast Van Fit Outs wanted to achieve with this build is to provide their customers with a campervan that allows them to be close to nature and enjoy as much time outside as possible.

Sunshine Coast Van Fit Outs are based in Queensland, Australia, and they specialize in custom building gorgeous professional van conversions focused on sustainability. They work with local suppliers to source the necessary materials to make unique campervans that suit their clients’ lifestyles, tastes, and budgets. Similar to Margo, their other van conversions are also airy, beachy, bright, and innovative with all the van life essentials.

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