MAHLE Claim They Developed the Most Durable Electric Motor - Could This Be a Game-Changer?

MAHLE has developed a new electric motor 6 photos
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MAHLE has developed a new electric motorMAHLE has developed a new electric motorMAHLE has developed a new electric motorMAHLE has developed a new electric motorMAHLE has developed a new electric motor
MAHLE is one of the most important automotive suppliers in the industry, with over 100 manufacturers using MAHLE components. To keep their position in the industry, the Germans have developed – or so they say – the most durable electric motor available.

MAHLE created this traction motor which apparently is unique on the market from what they say, and this motor can run indefinitely with high performance. With the new SCT E-motor, the German supplier has become a full-range provider in the electric automotive industry and covers all needs from e-scooters and industrial applications to off-road cars and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

"Building large electric motors that deliver short-term high performance is easy. What was still lacking on the market until now were durable yet compact drives to make electric vehicles unrestricted for everyday use," declared Martin Berger, Director of Corporate Research and Advanced Engineering at MAHLE. "Our new SCT E-motor is the solution."

The SCT E-Motor is very light and compact, with a new cooling concept that makes this technological leap possible. The integrated oil cooling system allows the waste heat generated to be used in the vehicle's complete concept. At the same time, the MAHLE electric motor has a very compact design, resulting in many advantages, like saving weight and lowering materials costs.

Neodymium magnets are currently the strongest permanent magnets that can be produced, and MAHLE used them to generate the magnetic field in the motor. However, the component could also be designed without magnets for greater independence. Thanks to a contactless transformer, the magnet-free option would be wear-free while running as efficiently as possible. The only downfall is that it requires more space for assembly.

If this motor is as good as they are saying, then we can have a big game-changer in the automotive world, and MAHLE could take the crown as the best supplier when it comes to electric components.

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