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Liberty Walk Lamborghini Miura Meets Terzo Millennio in Electric Mashup

When the Lamborghini Miura came around back in 1966, the world was taken by storm thanks to the amazing styling of the Sant'Agata Bolognese machine. Fast forward to 2018, we find a Liberty Walk incarnation of the design icon, a tuner car that splits opinions like few others.
Liberty Walk Lamborghini Miura Meets Terzo Millennio 1 photo
Fortunately, the Japanese aftermarket developer hasn't messed with one of the just 764 Miuras built, using a replica instead. And while we're at it, we'll mention that, underneath the Lambo-like skin, we find a Ford GT40 base, which is probably a replica too.

And if you thought that things couldn't become more extreme, well, you were wrong and the image we've brought along shows why.

To be more precise, we're dealing with a rendering, one that mixes the lines of the LB Walk Miura with those of the Terzo Millennio. You know, the 2017 concept car that previewed the Raging Bull's electric future.

Now, if this pixel tale seems familiar, it's probably because you've seen another recent render of the kind, which mixed the Countach and the Terzo Millennio.

Both renders come from Khyzyl Saleem, a digital artist who knows no borders when it comes to delivering mashups.

Even if you happen to identify with the camp that dismisses the Liberty Walk Lamborghini Miura, you have to admit that the contraption we have here is harmless, simply because we're dealing with a rendering.

The VW Group hasn't exactly rushed to kickstart the electric revolution, but the brands in the portfolio of the company are almost ready to make this step.

For instance, Porsche and Audi are currently working on an EV-dedicated platform. Dubbed PPE, this will make its debut under the skin of the Porsche Mission E next year.

The electrification we're talking about will undoubtedly reach Lamborghini next decade. Keep in mind that the Italians have been experimenting with hybrids ever since 2014, when the gas-electric Asterion concept showed up.

And yes, you can expect an electric motor to be featured on the Aventador successor, even though we have yet to spy any prototype.


I raise Liberty Walk with one Miura Millenio.  #art #design #3d #lamborghini #miura #terzomillennio #khyzylsaleem #blacklist #carlifestyle

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A spaceship for the road. #art #design #3d #lamborghini #miura #terzomillennio #khyzylsaleem #blacklist #carlifestyle

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