If It's Good Enough for Jason Momoa, It's Good Enough for Us! DRV's Full House Toy Hauler

By now, you've figured out that there are only a few teams in America that can envelop you and me in utter mobile luxury. One of those crews is DRV Suites, and the luxury I'm talking about is the Full House.
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Folks, the Full House is a lineup of luxury toy haulers built by America's DRV Suites. Never heard of this manufacturer? It's not a problem at all; it's why we're here. However, they've been around since 2003, meaning they're going on 20 years of industry activity. Best of all, that time has been aimed at nothing more than utter road-worthy luxury.

Now, I've covered DRV once before, showing off one of this team's Mobile Suites, a massive gooseneck travel trailer built to offer everything you need to live on the road. However, those units don't include a vehicle garage as the Full House lineup does, so let's start with that.

Overall, just three floorplans are available, and each includes a toy garage at the rear. Depending on your needs, you'll be able to access a garage ranging from 10 ft (3 m) to 13 ft (4 m). There's just something you need to consider. Because all of the haulers are the same length, the larger the garage, the less living space is available.

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Photo: DRV Suites
Like most other toy haulers on the market, this "garage" also doubles as a bedroom once you've unloaded your adventure machines and toys. Best of all, the ramp door also doubles as an elevated patio, ready to house a dining set or act as a dancefloor. If you really like the outdoors, this is a neat place to throw down a couple of sleeping bags and enjoy a night under the stars.

With the garage out of the way, let's head on inside these human-worthy turtle shells and get a feel for what to expect from a Full House. If you haven't seen the images in the gallery, now's the time.

First of all, I need to point out that the Full House is designed and built for full-time living. This includes residential-quality walls, ceiling, and floor construction with all the thermal and moisture barriers you could ever ask for. That's all then dropped on a stacked triple tube frame with independent suspension on each wheel.

Once inside, you'll first need to activate the numerous slideouts each unit contains, and only then will you be able to enjoy all the luxuries these units offer. But first, take your shoes off because you wouldn't want to scratch your hand-lain floor tile found in the living room, the space where you'll find yourself, no matter if you use the garage door or side entry.

Full House
Photo: DRV Suites
The living room is also where guests will be welcomed and entertained. When you do have someone over, they'll be sure to remark on the hardwood cabinetry, custom buffet tables, and blend between semiprecious metals and fabric upholstery. Maybe you've spent some extra cash and got yourself leather seats instead. Go ahead; they'll blend right in.

What I do want to point out is the way DRV constructs the overhead cabinetry and ceiling. Because the living room is often lowered and sitting somewhat in the belly of this beast, you won't be banging your head against anything while still being easily accessible. This lowering also leads to a rather high-rise ceiling that won't feel cramped. Also, take a look at how clear of a view you can get of the world outdoors: a straight line of sight.

The bedroom, on the other hand, is found elevated and at the rear of each floorplan. Still, there's plenty of headroom to move about without worry, access a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe, and, best of all, throw yourself onto a king-size bed! If you don't want your guests to see that you don't generally make your bed, just shut the door, and it's 100% privacy for your lifestyle.

Full House
Photo: DRV Suites
Speaking of privacy, DRV aims to give you a unit that's always in your control. This means an array of systems not only designed to keep you comfortable, clean, and fed but also safe. Surveillance cameras can be installed in and outside your unit, ensuring that you can go through with an open house event and not worry about a thing. It's also one way to guard your goods as you're out and about exploring the local landscape. Come back every time with dirt-filled smiles, knowing no one has had the brass to defile your home.

For the next few minutes or so, I invite you to take a little break from whatever you're doing and imagine yourself in the ownership of a Full House. Picture your family of up to six sitting around on the edge of some treeline that leads to a network of mountain trails. Since you have a garage, whip out the e-bikes or ATVs, and off you go. Ride safe out there.

As for the question on everyone's mind, how much is one of these babies going to cost you? Well, remember, this is a year-round-worthy luxury toy hauler that can be customized heavily to your needs, so expect prices to be all over the place. However, I've even run across units priced as high as $290K (€267K at current exchange rates), all because of the trim levels, features, and extras in place. So talk it over with the family, see what you need to sell, and move into a Full House.

Do you still need a little incentive to push you towards that "Buy" button? How about being a part of the same RV family that Jason Momoa is a part of; he bought his own Full House back in 2020.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of Full House units and interiors.

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