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Ford Laughs at Other Brands, Has 40 Concept Vehicles Ready for SEMA 2021

We've seen a lot of extreme vehicles at SEMA over the years. There have been zombie-proof classics, a Lamborghini Rat Rod, and even a V8-swapped Huracan. Perhaps none of that is as extreme as Ford and its partners bringing 40 custom vehicles in one year.
Tucci Maverick 15 photos
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We get it though. We all hated it when SEMA 2020 had to be canceled last year. There were a lot of cool things that we missed out on. Ford though is certainly making up for the lost time.

Give us just a moment to highlight a few of the monsters coming for SEMA 2021. First, the Tucci Maverick is one of the most unique takes we expect to see at SEMA.

It's a lowered, all-wheel-drive Maverick with a bunch of 3D printed custom parts. It also gets a custom Borla cat-back exhaust with dual carbon fiber tips, a wider track, and big wide fender flares to keep it all under wraps.

Then there's M2 Motoring Mustang. It's sneaky and subtle but also a bit insane. Under the hood is the same 5.0-liter Coyote motor we all know and love.

But this one has Ford Performance Parts like a 750 horsepower supercharger kit and a Level 2 front splitter. It also gets lowering springs, adjustable camber/caster plates as well as the brake package from the Mustang GT350R.

We love a good Mustang but that sounds like a great Mustang. Of course, there's a Mustang of a slightly different breed to talk about as well. Neil Tjin has crafted a special orange Mustang Mach-E California Route One with huge 22-inch Vossen ML-R1 wheels.

Atop the Mustang is a solar panel. No, it doesn't charge the Mach-E, it charges a RayVolt USA electric bike mounted to the rear via a Thule e-bike rack.

There are literally 37 other vehicles we could talk about so if you're interested, tune in next month for a more detailed look on most of them, as we're kicking off Tuning Month here on autoevolution.

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