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Ford Falcon XR6 with LS Swap Is Sweet Blasphemy, Dynos More than 1,100 HP

If you haven't heard much about the Ford Falcon in recent years, it's because the nameplate was retired back in 2016. That's when Ford Australia ceased all local manufacturing and put an end to the iconic badge after 56 years of continuous production. But Falcons are still alive and well on Australian roads. Much like the Holden Commodore, the Falcon remained a popular choice for tuning enthusiasts and drag racers.
Ford Falcon XR6 with LS swap 7 photos
Ford Falcon XR6 with LS swapFord Falcon XR6 with LS swapFord Falcon XR6 with LS swapFord Falcon XR6 with LS swapFord Falcon XR6 with LS swapFord Falcon XR6 with LS swap
The usual recipe for these cars is to replace the inline-six engines with V8 crate engines of the Ford variety. But one Falcon owner decided to take a rather unorthodox route and drop a GM-made LS engine under the hood. Yes, it's one of the blasphemous conversions that will polarize the Ford and Chevrolet crowds, but the end result of the swap is impressive, to say the least.

What you're looking at is probably one of the most powerful, street-legal BF-generation Falcons out there. It hits the drag strip regularly and it keeps moving up the quarter-mile ladder with increasingly quicker sprints.

The video below tells the story of the car and shows a handful of dyno runs. The first one sees the Falcon lay down 877 horsepower, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Subsequent dyno pulls show output ratings increase to 903 and 932 horsepower, with the fourth test revealing a 960-horsepower showdown.

At this point the Falcon has too much wheelspin for a regular dyno so it was moved up on a hub dyno. And here's where things become even more interesting, as the beefed-up sedan finds its way into 1,000-horsepower territory. Following a 1,038-horsepower run, the Falcon hits 1,047 horses and then reaches an even more impressive 1,078 horsepower. The final dyno pull sees the rear wheels spin to the tune of 1,105 horsepower. What a monster!

That's a lot of oomph for a four-door sedan and I'd love to see how quick this Falcon is on the quarter-mile in this setup. Sadly, it seems that the car was stolen not long after this video was filmed. Hopefully, the guys at Meck-Tech Autocare will recover it soon and give it the rundown it deserves.

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