Ford Excursion Digitally Revived for New Model Year as Brand's Ultimate Go-Anywhere SUV

Ford Excursion - Rendering 6 photos
Photo: Kolesa
Ford Excursion - RenderingFord Excursion - RenderingFord Excursion - RenderingFord Excursion - RenderingFord Excursion - Rendering
The first and only Ford Excursion lived a relatively short life. The Blue Oval made it from 1999 to 2005, and south of the US border, it remained on sale for another year.
Production took place at the Louisville factory in Kentucky, and it was a big boy, with the underpinnings shared with the era's F-250 and F-350 Super Duty. Rear-wheel drive was standard, and the four-wheel drive system was an option. In terms of power, it had a pair of V8 turbodiesels, a gasoline burner with as many cylinders, and a V10. Transmission options included two automatics with four and five gears.

Too big for some garages, the Ford Excursion measures a massive 226.7 inches (5,758 mm) from bumper to bumper. It is 80 in (2,032 mm) wide and 77.2 in (1,961 mm) tall in the four-wheel drive variant, with the 2WD being some 2.5 in (63.5 mm) shorter. As the model wasn't a huge success, the Dearborn company eventually pulled the plug on it with no official successor. Unofficially, the Excursion's big shoes (literally) were filled by the Ford Expedition, which had a smaller overall footprint.

For a truck that is two decades old, people still talk about it. The reason is the crossover and SUV boom that has led to the development of more high riders than ever before. Enthusiasts are still fascinated by large off-roaders, and in this day and age, a modern-day Ford Excursion could be successful if priced correctly. We have seen several unofficial takes on it since assembly ceased, some better than others. The latest came from the peeps at Kolesa, and it imagines what such a model would look like if the blue oval suddenly decided to put it into production.

Since it would stay true to its predecessor, it would need proper underpinnings. Thus, the rendering portrays it with the same construction as the latest F-350 Super Duty, and it is an SUV take on the commercial pickup. To make it more appealing, the pixel manipulator gave it a tweaked face, and they slightly elongated the rear doors for improved ingress and egress. It has less space between the axles, though still enough to not make a party of three seem like a crowd on long journeys. Instead of the open bed behind the passenger compartment, it sports a proper cargo area with large three-quarter windows, which could easily eat a lot of luggage. It features split doors out back and chunky tires wrapped around the wheels to improve grip.

As we told you above, we think a new Ford Excursion would be more popular in today's market than its successor ever was, especially if priced similarly to the F-350. But would you be interested in such a model? Hit the comments area and tell us if you think Ford should give it a go.
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